Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive/Distortion PedalCredit: Chris VoorbergPlaying an electric guitar can be a lot of fun, and when you start to add effect pedals, it can really improve your tone, plus you can get a lot of unique sounds from your signal by combining these effects. Two of the most popular types of guitar pedals are overdrive and distortion pedals, due to their heavy use in many types of music, most notably rock and metal. For the best of both worlds, you may be interested in a combo pedal like the Jekyll and Hyde from Visual Sound. It costs around $150 CAD, which means that it would be considered a boutique pedal by most people, but since it has both overdrive and distortion functions, you can kill two birds with one stone.


The pedal is a fantastic red color, with clear white markings for the dials, and shiny chrome foot switches. This guitar pedal is solid as a rock. It appears to be made from steel and has large sturdy foot switches. The adjustment dials are protected by the shape of the pedal in case it were dropped face down, and the foot switches do not make an audible click, suggesting that there are no pots to wear out from prolonged use.

Sound Quality

The tones that emanate from this unit are very impressive. It has a lot of versatility with the adjustment dials, and because it is a combo pedal, both switches can be turned on simultaneously for a heavy overdrive-distortion combination. Before buying this pedal I had used the stock overdrive and power boost on my Traynor YCV-40, but this Jekyll and Hyde pedal blew that thing out of the water! At this point, I'm content to play with this effect pedal through the clean channel on my amp, as it provides all the dirty effect I may need.


I will admit, the cost of this pedal seemed to be a little steep, but if you consider the quality and versatility, it actually is a pretty fair price. I would not hesitate to recommend this pedal to anyone looking for a quality OD/Distortion pedal, and would also recommend Visual Sound in general for people who are interested in other types of guitar effect pedals.