Most of us forget how important caves once were to mankind. Caves provided shelter from nature and a degree of protection from predators. With the state of the world today, you might be thinking about heading back into a nice cave of your own.

Well, that is part of why I am recommending a trip to the Jenolan Caves Australia. One thing is for certain, since the vast majority of us don't visit caves, it is easy to forget what amazing natural beauty they possess. The Jenolan Caves can quickly remind you how tranquil a cave can be. Be warned however, a screaming child combined with the acoustics of a cave is a terrifying experience. I found that out during my visit.

There is an exhilarating experience in the Sydney area that a lot of visitors simply miss. Now, most visitors to Australia and Sydney have heard of the famous Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are an experience in their own right and well worth the time. But what a lot of travelers often overlook are the impressive Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains area.

The Aboriginal name for the Jenolan Caves is Binoomea, which translates into "dark places." Europeans discovered the caves in 1848, with some of the largest caves being discovered in 1860. Jenolan Caves has many impressive cave with some pretty exotic names, and a tour of any one of them is an experience that you won't soon forget.

The Lucas Cave is one of the most popular caves in the Jenolan Caves, and most visitors will probably tell you that it's the best of all. Part of the reason for this preference is that the Lucas Cave has the widest and highest chamber. Surprisingly the Lucas Cave has been used for numerous weddings and even concerts. You can also get a view of the underground river that works its way through the Jenolan Cave System. In fact, the caves are home to a great deal of natural water and waterways as well, which only add to the awe-inspiring feel of the cave system.

While the Lucas Cave is most definitely a gem, it is only one of many fantastic natural wonders to be found in the Jenolan Caves. Another marvelous cave to check out is The Orient Cave. Many visitors feel that this might be, step for step, the most beautiful cave in the world. The cave, which was discovered in 1917, is littered with all sorts of amazing structures. These cave structures has been expertly lit to bring out the striking beauty of these structures.

If you are traveling from Sydney expect the trip to take 2 to 2 1/2 hours, but the ride is a pleasant one. The Jenolan Caves Australia is just a fantastic trip that many tourists in Australia miss and that is a shame. These truly are some of the more fantastic caves not just in Australia, but also in the world.