A Jeremiah Masoli Ole Miss Jersey will leave no doubt as to where your college football allegence lies: With Ole Miss and their talented option quarterback, Mr. Jeremiah Masoli.

Since taking over as the Ole Miss quarterback, Masoli has carried the thick and thin, pulling out come-from-behind victories and even several blowouts. But unlike most college quarterbacks, he can do it with both his hands and his feet. As a true option-read quarterback, Jeremiah Masoli determines most of the team's plays by reading the defense after the snap. Depending on how certain key players react, Masoli will either hand the ball to a running back (usually a fullback), tuck the ball and sweep around the outside (often tailed by a running back, making it an option sweep play) or even pass to one of his talented wide receivers or tight ends.

Jeremiah Masoli Ole Miss Jersey: Wear Number 8 With Pride

When Masoli lines up behind center, he does so wearing his trademark number 8 jersey. But you don't have to be a dual-threat quarterback to sport a Jeremiah Masoli Jersey, you can simply wear one to support your favorite team on game days, tailgate parties and rallies. In fact, you don't even need to be at the game at all, simply wearing this jersey will show where your college football aliances are, even if you live halfway around the world... and it's not even football season.

Considering the record setting performances by the University of Oregon transfer, Jeremiah Masoli's jersey number might be "the standard" Ole Miss fan jersey for years to come. Kind of like how John Elway's famous number 7 still dominates Denver Bronco football games, even though they hall of fame quarterback has been retired for more than a decade.

Masoli has proven game after game that he's got the talent to turn almost any play into a highlight. He frequently runs and passes for more than 100 yards per game, and usually tops a couple of hundred yards through the air. And he's almost guaranteed for two or three touchdowns per game, either through his precision passing game or on his feet during the scramble (speaking of which, many of Masoli's biggest running plays have been impromtu runs on his part).

Sure he's had some troubles with the law and his old school, Oregon. But any fan knows that players are people too - capable of making mistakes, and equally capable of learning from them. The same goes for his heartbreaking loss to Boise State in 2009, the season when many expected Oregon to win the BCS National Championship. That game might have belonged to Kellen Moore and Kyle Brotzman of the Boise State Broncos, but Masoli learned from the experience, and used that game as a springboard into a successful career at Ole Miss.

Buy a Jeremiah Masoli Jersey and show your Ole Miss pride.