Basketball fans or simply fans of the underdog stand side by side cheering for basketball’s newest and unlikely phenom. Plastered all over the news Jeremy Lin has become a household name. No matter if you like to call it Lin-sanity, Lin-sane, Lin-credible, Lin-describable or any number of the other Lin --  based names you’ve heard, it’s tough to challenge the well deserved applause and media attention.

Jeremy is single handedly being credited for the resurgence in interest or should I say Lin-trest in basketball, more specifically New York Knicks basketball. Come on who doesn’t love a good rags to riches story or the underdog wins or feel good story. Everyone knows we can all use a feel good story because the news and other media outlets trend to focus on the negative aspects of live. For once they found a good story, no --  a great story, no -- make that a Lin-credible story to focus on.

Jeremy Lin came into Madison Square Garden as a back up player, with little chance of ever playing. Suddenly Lin found himself with the chance to play with the big boys. From the moment he set foot on the Knick’s court – he stepped up and a filled the superstar role. Lin never intended to be the focus or star of the team, he was just heading for the boards doing what he loves and trying to do it well – he surpassed any expectation that may have been hidden deep in his imagination.

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, Jeremy is the sport’s world’s newest hero. The title is well deserved and he lives up to it every night. Every shot and every steal results in a wild cheer and standing ovation. Are you a part of the Linsanity yet? You will be!


At Harvard

He wows at Harvard long before wowing the fans at Madison Square Garden. Ivy Leaguers show off their court skills.

Lincredible has a top 10 video already. For many pro basketball players this may take years to attain this status. He has achieved a top 10 video after only 12 games. Lin-mazing!

Watch this incredibly humble interview. Lin had no idea they even made a jersey bearing his name. Jeremy Lin is down to earth and unbelievably likeable. Not only is a jersey with his name scrawled across the back made, it is near impossible to find. Be careful when buying the sports jerseys, hats, posters and other memorabilia because as the world explodes with Lin-sanity so does the underground networks of black market apparel makers.

Jeremy Lin scores 38 points to the Lin-mazement of the Knicks fans at Madison Square Garden. Jeremy Lin is it all hype or is it the real thing -- seriously if you have to ask -- you may need to pay better attention. Lin is the real deal!


Harvard graduate.

Jeremy was picked up off waivers by the New York Knicks in December 2011 to act as a backup.

 His real name is Jeremy Shu-How Lin.

 He was never offered a basketball scholarship.

 Lin is the first pro basketball player who is of Taiwanese or Chinese heritage.

 Jeremy stands 6 feet 3 inches while his parents measure in around 5 feet 6 inches.

 Lin was sent to the lowly D league three times.

 Lin spent much of his time sleeping on a team mates couch because he could afford his own apartment until the Lin-sanity broke out – there I said it! Lin-sanity

Jeremy holds dual citizenship between the Unites States and China – If he decides on an Olympic track he can choose to try out for either country’s team.

 He grew up in California.

 He originally signed with Golden State where he got little to no playing time.

 Cut by two other teams before the Knicks decided to give him a chance.

 After taking the basketball world by storm to become an international household name, Jeremy Lin has just set out on an amazing career. The highlight reels will be filled with the steals, shots and wins fueled by Jeremy Lin