Information about the song Who’s Laughing Now by Jessie J

Now I will be telling you what the lyrics are for the song Who’s Laughing Now which is by Jessie J. this song was first released on August 21st 2011. If you would ever want to purchase this song then I suggest you get Jessie J’s album which is called who you are. This song was recorded in Santi sound studios, L.A (which also stands for Los Angeles), California. Did you know that Jessie J real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish? The length of this song is about three minutes and fifty four seconds. The genres for this song are R&B, Hip Hop and pop. Jessie J was never that famous until she released her new song which was called price tag and the song was also featuring B.O.B. In this song you may have seen a little girl which looked like Jessie J right? Well soon I will be telling you what the music video is really about. The two labels for this song are Lave and Island. The producers for this song are the invisible men and Parker and James. The people who wrote this song are Jessica Cornish (who is also known as Jessie J), Jon Shave, Kyle Abrahams, Peter Ighile, George Astasio and Jason Pebworth. If I were you I’d carry on reading to find out what the lyrics are for the song Who’s Laughing Now which is by Jessie J (and I will be telling you some more amazing information and facts about Jessie J later). So I hope you enjoy singing along the song with the lyrics

Information about Jessie J

Jessie J was born on March 27th 1988 in Red Bridge, London, UK (which stands for United Kingdom). Not only is Jessie J a singer but she is also a song writer. The types of songs Jessie J sings are R&B, pop and soul. The labels Jessie J has been in are Lava, Island a universal republic. If you don’t know what this song is about then carry on reading because I will be telling you what the song is about. This song is about Jessie Js child hood life. When she was a young kid she used to get bullied just because she was a bit different to the other kids in her school/ class but now she’s telling every one who got bullied Who’s Laughing Now (which is the title of her name song). Sadly Jessie J has made only one album in 2010 which is called who you are (which I have mentioned a bit earlier). Let me assure you that in a few years time Jessie J will have lots of albums for you to buy and then listen to also if you know the words then you can sing along to this song as well but if you don’t then you can learn the song which will only take you a few days (well it depends how good your memory is). Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this very interesting piece of information about the song Who’s Laughing Now and about Jessie J, I also hope that you have enjoyed watching the awesome music video but I especially hope that you had fun singing along to this song with the lyrics which is called Who’s Laughing Now by Jessie J.

Jessie J - Who's Laughing Now