The hardest "easier said than done" from the Bible

Jesus tells his apostles, after the rich man goes away saddened, that those who have given up father and mother, brother and sister, and land and possession will receive a reward one hundred times greater. 

This is probably the greatest “easier said than done” statement in the entire Bible. 

To virtually everyone in the world, the thing that individual values the most – more than any other possession – is one’s family.  Jesus asks his followers to abandon their most prized entity and follow him entirely. 

Obviously, this seemingly impossible decision has potentially everlasting positive consequences.  But why then would Jesus ask us to give up our most treasured gift?  At first that seems like a valid question but upon further reasoning the question renders itself useless.  Jesus gave us absolutely everything we have – including our families – therefore we should have no difficulty giving it all back to Him.

But, this choice does bring a huge amount of difficulty into our lives.  Once again, easier said than done.  It is easy for us to become attached to our families, friends, and possessions because they are very real, tangible objects.  We are constantly surrounded by them in a physical sense.  God, on the other hand, generally is not associated with a physical being.  This is then a matter of faith above anything else.  If one were to give up all he or she had, one must have utter and complete confidence in his or her faith and beliefs.  Only then when one has complete trust in God can he or she abandon one’s family and follow God.

This question of putting one’s faith in God is, theoretically, much easier to answer than the previous question of how can one give up all his or her things.  For each person, the path to finding complete faith in God and Jesus varies, but generally each person who has found their faith has a few goals in common. 

Generally, they are considered to be “holy” people: people who follow the rules, go to church everyday, pray everyday, always help the poor, don’t abuse their bodies or the bodies of others, and put others ahead of themselves.  Although this may seem easier said than done, surely these simple goals of helping out people around you are quite obtainable.

In short, to truly give up all one’s earthly possession and follow Jesus entirely, one must find true faith in God.  And to master true faith in God, one must follow his rules of living a good, healthy, moral life.

Jesus & The Rich Man