Jewelry comes in numerous forms and made of a huge range of materials. Jewelry is most commonly worn by woman, however there is jewelry that is made for men as well. Also, main pieces of jewelry is made for children too in their sizes.

First, there are some of the different types of jewelry to be worn.

Types of Jewelry

  • Necklaces: can be long or short strings of material that go around a person's neck. A necklace may slip over the head or there may be a clasp in the back. It can be one strand or multiply strands.
  • Chokers: a choker is a very tight necklace that is secure around the upper portion of the neck. It is not loose and fits snuggle in place and may even almost entirely cover the neck. A choker has a clasp in the back and may be plain or having other adornments added to it.
  • Bracelets: can slip onto the wrist or have a clasp to put the bracelet on. A bracelet may be one strand of a material or multiple strands.
  • Anklets: an anklet goes around the ankle and has a clasp to be put on. It usually fits pretty snug so that it does not get caught on clothing or shoes.
  • Rings: a ring slides over the finger. It can be a simple ring or very elaborate.

There are numerous variations of all the above pieces of jewelry, however where they are worn determines the type of jewelry they are. With all jewelry, there are huge variations in style, design and how elaborate a piece is.

Furthermore, the material that jewelry is made of varies as well. Different materials also determine how simple or elaborate a piece can be.

Jewelry Materials

  • Metals: can include gold, silver, brass or platinum. The piece may be made of chains or links of chains. It can be a solid bracelet made of gold or silver. This is true of rings as well.
  • Wood: can be used as wooden beads or it can be wood that has been shaped into a bracelet or choker for example.
  • Beads: these can include seed beads, fimo made beads, wooden beads, stones, glass, plastic, bugle beads, silver, gold or brass beads. As well as charms, sequins and rhinestones. Beads can be used to make an entire piece of jewelry or be added to other materials for additional decorations.
  • Plastics: can include pieces of jewelry that has been molded into the shape of a bracelet or necklace, such as many children's pieces are made of plastic, since it won't break as easily. However, costume jewelry many times is made of plastic pieces that look like other materials as well.
  • Fabrics: string and hemp cord can be used to make bracelets, such as friendship bracelets. However, leather, velvet, silk, satin and ribbon can also be used to make bracelets and chokers as well. Many times fabric jewelry has other materials, such as beads or precious metals added to it for additional decorations.
  • Stones: numerous stones can be used, from onyx to rubies or amethysts to emeralds. There is also jade, amber, agate, pearls, opals and many, many more. These can comprise the entire piece of jewelry or be added as other decorations and details to a piece. Stones many times are set into rings that are made of precious metals. There are also faux stones and gems that can be used in jewelry as well.

Lastly, the above materials can be combined together in a piece of jewelry. Such as, using beads with stones and wood beads to create a bracelet or necklace. Or a fabric choker that has a large silver adornment in the center with a stone. The options are endless when it comes to how jewelry can be made and worn.