Your fine jewelry and watches will last longer and stay more beautiful when stored properly. Today you can find a large selection of stylish jewelry boxes to help keep your valuables organized and safe. Manufactured in an array of styles and sizes, these boxes not only store and protect your jewelry, they can also be used as display cases.

Jewelry BoxesBoxes specifically made for jewelry are crafted from a wide selection of materials including wood, metal, leather, and various fabrics. No longer considered an accessory for only women, there are stylish models for men also, and decorative ones made just for children. Travel cases can also be purchased to keep your jewelry safe when vacationing or taking business trips.

Wooden Jewelry Boxes made from natural wood are elegant pieces that feature fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their designs range from smooth and simple little boxes, to large stand alone units with sturdy legs and sleek finishes. Some of the most popular woods are mahogany, teak, oak, and burl wood. They are frequently designed with cabinets and drawers to store rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. They are usually lined with velvet, have high gloss finishes, and a mirror attached to the lid.

Metal Jewelry Boxes are a combination of exquisite beauty and artistic style. Customized with intricate hand carved designs, metal boxes made for jewelry are gorgeous and functional. High polished alloy metals such as copper, silver, chrome, and zinc are crafted into premium quality designs. A metal jewelry box is durable and will hold its luster for many years.

Leather Jewelry Boxes are made using textured high grade leather to create supple boxes in styles for women and men. They are available in large and small sizes with storage space for a single piece, or enough room to accommodate your entire collection of fine jewelry and watches.

Fabrics are inexpensive with a look of pure elegance. Fabric covered boxes are fashionable designs that are typically given as bridesmaids gifts. Some popular types of fabrics include traditional Victorian, intricate floral designs, and velvety suede. They can be found in subtle colors with simple designs, and in bright hues with decorative beading.

Travel boxes are especially designed to keep your jewelry organized and secure when it has to be transported to another location. Some common styles of travel boxes are jewelry rolls made from fabric, and small boxes that lock and can easily slip into a carry-on bag. Both styles have numerous compartments, and provide full protection for your valuables.

The overall costs of a jewelry box is determined by a number of key factors such as material, size, and design. It is a good idea to shop around for the best deals before making a final purchase. You can visit several online manufacturers to compare designs, prices, styles, and materials. You should buy the best one that you can afford. After all your jewelry is an expensive investment. With such a wide selection of jewelry boxes to choose from you should easily find one that meets your needs.