bead supplies

Are you looking for another creative outlet? Then how about trying jewelry crafts?

Now before you start thinking about all the bead supplies, and accessories you are going to need to start making jewelry crafts, then think again. This is where recycling comes in and you can create some pretty cool pieces.

Jewelry crafts are not restricted to adults, older kids and teens can make these too. The first thing you have to do, is scour the garage sales, second hand stores, grandma's basement and estate sales. Anywhere there is likely to be a box of costume jewelry for sale.

Garage Sales Are A Great Source of Bead Supplies

I found garage sales to be the best for this, as someone always seemed to be cleaning out their drawers and jewelry boxes, and found lots of tangled up costume jewelry. You don't care if it is tangled up, in fact, offer them a couple of dollars for the whole box of costume jewelry to take home.

Reuse Center

This can be a gold mine for costume jewelry. You can make some great jewelry crafts from discarded costume jewelry. Plus at the reuse center, it is usually very little money and in some cases free. This is recycling at its best. This tends to be where people drop off all those things that they didn't sell in the garage sales!


Do you have any older relatives, who are likely to be cleaning out their drawers or jewelry boxes soon? If so, let them know you would love any old jewelry they have, even if it is broken. Brooches, pins, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Now take your treasures home, and with a few simple tools, such as needle nose pliers, and a few jewelry crafts supplies from Wal-Mart, you can create some great original jewelry craft pieces.

If you find older jewelry, especially the costume jewelry, you can take it apart and rebuild yourself great necklaces, chokers, earrings, and pendants by rethreading them onto new chains and other materials. This is a great project for teens, and older children. Plus you can probably rebuild something for yourself too.

Jewelry crafts, are not limited to starting new with new bead supplies etc, but can be created from all this old and discarded jewelry you find. Just cut them up and reuse the beads and any other pieces you find.

You will have people asking you where you got your great pieces of jewelry, and you will be able to tell them you created these original pieces. With the older costume jewelry, you can find beads that you are not going to find in stores, and with some time and patience in taking apart the old and rebuilding the new, you are going to enjoy your jewelry crafts even more.

If you love beading, and you own beading supplies, you could even add more modern beads to some of these older pieces. This can be great fun, and creative.

If you sell crafts for a business, this can be a great line to add to your crafts or other jewelry that you make now, as each one would be an original.

One great way to get the word out about your jewelry crafts business, is to create unique pieces for your friends and family, that they are going to wear. Let them show off your creativity at work and play, and give them some business cards.

In the meantime, be on the look out for other sources of costume jewelry and older pieces, broken or not. One persons trash is definitely going to be your treasure!