Not all jewels are suitable for every occasion. Some people think that wearing something which is full of diamonds and other precious stones will make them stand out and amaze the others. This is totally wrong. It is like wearing a formal attire to a casual event such as children’s parties, Halloween party or death anniversary celebration.

The same thing applies to a jewelry design; what you will be wearing has to go with the event or occasion. A jewelry design can be very elegant or simple, depending on what you desire for an affair you would certainly not want to miss.

These days, more and more people decide to celebrate a special event outdoors, particularly at the seaside. Think about this: will you wear a pair of diamond earrings and necklace there? Definitely not. So in case you are searching for a beautiful beach jewelry design, look no more. You are in the right place because I made an elegant selection of three beach jewelry with unique designs.

Beach Jewelry Design - The Adirondack Beach Chair

This .925 Sterling Silver Traditional Large Charm or Pendant by Heirloom Charms is a jewelry with a design that will surely remind you of summer days. This lovely pendant could be the one you’re seeking! It is big enough for a pendant and has a 3-dimensional charm with excellent detailing and charming finish. It is a conventional trinket intended for a necklace chain as a pendant or on a charm bracelet. It won’t suit a cable type of European charm bracelet.

Jewelry Design - Octopus - Beach PieceBeach Jewelry - ZAD Unique Large Octopus Cuff Bracelet Antique Gold Tone by Zad by Ks Charming DesignsCredit: Amazon

A wonderful beach jewelry design created by ZAD by Ks Charming Designs, this extraordinary cuff bracelet has an antique gold finish and comes in a lovely gift packaging. It measures 2 ½ x 2 and is lead and nickel-free.  It has a kind of savage look – that could give you an irresistible nuance of charm and attraction.

Beach Jewelry - DolphinsBeach Jewelry Design - Waves and Leaping Dolphins Pin from the Artazia Collection

This gorgeous jewelry design is truly a masterpiece! Its hand painted and elaborate pattern is placed in an extremely light frame made of stainless steel. Beads, Austrian crystals and an assortment of other stuff are brought together carefully and placed in artists’ resin, leading to a resilient and delightfully finished piece. It expresses a very imaginative and agreeably distinctive signature. It is stylish and created in limited varieties. In the event that you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it within a month for reimbursement – no questions asked. This is because full satisfaction is Artazia Collection’s top priority.

Coming up with a pattern or style for your fashion accessory is quite easy because the possibilities are practically endless. You can have a range of simple, yet eye-catching pieces in different colors. Thinking of unique styles also lets you discover your artistic side, plus it will reveal your personality and your own fashion statement.

Feel free to use the comment section below to leave your opinion about your favorite beach jewelry design either from these 3 astounding pieces or another ones.