How To Wear Jewelry that Complements Your Face

It's often amazing to note what a difference it makes to any woman's face when she wears a pair of earings. In exactly the same way that belts, shoes and handbag improve the bodily appearance, earing and necklaces do enhance the facial features. The secret to wearing jewelry is not to overdo it. Large earings connected with huge plastic neck beads and an oversized bracelet is definitely an exaggeration. Here are jewelry tips.

Jewelry Tips-NecklaceThe first thing to consider is your color scheme. If you are conservative, maybe due to the nature of your job, select simple gold and silver designs. You can hardly go wrong with a neat, yet discreet neck chain and matching earing. This will give you an advanced look without attracting too much attention. You may match your handbag, shoes and jewelry to add a classy touch to a plain outfit. Imagine a dull, navy blue suit matched with a red bag, shoes, necklace, and earings. The result would be beautiful.

Wearing Jewelry - EaringsThe shape of your face also determines what jewelry to select. Most women have either a round, oval, square , diamond or heart-shaped face.

Square or rectangle face: You have a wide chin and forehead, although your face maybe narrow. To soften your shape, choose round shapes such as big earings and rings that hang loosely. Fashionable beads look great on this face. Avoid angular shapes, which will make your face look bigger. Beaded necklaces and circular pendants give balance to your face and neck.

Oval face: This is the most balanced shape of all, and you are lucky enough to be able to wear most styles, apart from the most extreme designs.

Round face: This means that your forehead and chin are the same width. Avoid round rings or earings. Wear earings that hang loosely to elongate your face. Wear V-neck collars with a chain and pendant to give balance. Avoid neckband, which will shorten your neck, and make your face look full.

Wearing Jewelry - BraceletDiamond-shaped face: This shape is wide at the sides and narrow at the forehead and chin areas. Balance the wide part with the rest by wearing simple earings in impressive shapes such as silver and illuminated colors. Necklaces should reflect the style of the earings.

Heart-shaped face: This face shape has a very narrow, pointed chin and a wide forehead. To achieve balance, wear large earings in different styles. neckband and fancy pendants will make your chin more essential.