Giving a gift to your bridesmaids is a way of acknowledging all of their hard work. It can even be an apology for all of your bridezilla moments. Jewelry for bridesmaids is a traditional gift given at the rehearsal dinner or on the morning of the wedding. This way the girls can wear the jewelry with their dresses. Depending on your wedding colors the jewelry might be the only thing that your bridesmaids like about their ensembles. Here are a few tips to pick out the perfect pieces for your bridesmaids.

Use jewelry for bridesmaids as a way to form a bond between your wedding party members. You could even give each girl a locket with pictures of your favorite moments together in it. This is a way to symbolize that even though you are getting married you are going to stay in touch with your friends. You could also engrave a favorite saying on the back of the locket.

Give your bridesmaids something she can wear again. She probably is going to hang that dress in the back of the closet and throw the dyed to match shoes in after it. This is a way to give her a gift that she can actually use. Instead of rhinestones stick with a more subtle pearl or sterling silver set. This way she can transition it into her everyday wardrobe.

Let your bridesmaids' show off their personalities. Sure, you probably want everyone in your line to be wearing the same dress or even the same color. However, there can still be subtle variances where each girl can shine. You could give them each a different color of pearls or a different style of pearl necklace. All of the pieces should coordinate but that doesn't mean that they have to be the same.

Effuse the style of the wedding into the jewelry. You probably did this when you picked out the dresses and the colors. Be particular about the jewelry as well. It's not just as easy as picking up a strand of faux pearls. For a modern wedding go with oversized princess cut CZ's. You can give simple plain studs and just a single stoned pendant. For a whimsical event try finding jewelry that looks like pearl vines wrapped into a bracelet.

If you can't find what you want; make it. You could even take your wedding party on an outing to a bead store. These stores often have supplies and you can usually make your items right in the store. You can also change up the overall look by putting a basic pendant on a ribbon in your wedding colors to add color and personality.

Whether you go with pearl bridesmaids sets or you try out totally unique handmade pieces, use jewelry for bridesmaids as a way to thank your friends for being beside you on your big day. You should try and stretch your wedding budget so you can get all of your attendants a gift. They don't have to be expensive, just sentimental.