Puzzles for All Ages

Ideal Family Activity

Puzzles are a delightful way for families to spend time together!  You can take your time working on them and everyone can contribute!

A holiday tradition in our home has long been the extremely large jigsaw puzzle that our family spreads out on the dining room table to enjoy during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Painstakingly, each member of our family will hover over the table to work for a few minutes on the intriguing picture … either alone or in small groups. We'll call out to each other in delight when we discover that missing corner piece, edge, or center portion that we have all been having trouble finding. Sometimes, just walking through the room, someone will happen to see a piece that everyone else has missed, as the mysterious creation slowly begins to take form. Once our annual puzzle is finished, the entire family celebrates!

Complex PuzzleCredit: www.morguefile.com

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun project that everyone in the family can enjoy. It is believed that the jigsaw creator … at least of the first commercial one … was John Spilsbury, a London mapmaker, around 1760. You could say that this first design was a real jigsaw puzzle, since he actually used a jigsaw to make it! Although Spilsbury made his creationss from wood, today most of them are made from heavy cardboard. However, jigsaw puzzles for young children are still often made of large wooden pieces and are frequently passed down within a family because they are so durable. Toddler after toddler can enjoy handling the same wooden pieces for years.

Jigsaw puzzles can depict almost any kind of scene … nature, photos, art, storybook images, and even nothing at all! Although they may be purchased very cheaply, they can provide hours of fun for you and your family.

Jigsaw Puzzle Maps of the World

When one of our son-in-laws was in the Navy, he was assigned to an aircraft carrier that traveled half way around the world. While he was gone, our daughter and their children put together a jigsaw puzzle map of the world. While they were assembling it, she was able to tell the children about the different countries, and how far away they were. After the puzzle was completed, she covered it with clear plastic, and used dry-erase markers to help her children map the route their Dad was taking. When he was in Hawaii, they drew a line to Hawaii … and then on to Australia, the Persian Gulf, Singapore, Guam, and back home. It was fun for the kids to see on the map where their Dad was traveling. In addition, when they realized that he was headed back, it helped them to understand why the return voyage was taking so long!

If you think you would enjoy finding a unique puzzle for your family to work on together, use this direct Amazon link to jigsaw puzzles.  You'll find a large selection available ... more than you will ever find in the typical store.  One of them is sure to be perfect for your family.

United States Maps

United States map puzzles have long been a staple of elementary school classrooms. It is a fun way for children to learn about the different states and how they fit together. Often, the jigsaw pieces show the state capital and major cities in each state. Sometimes, they also have little pictures depicting major crops or industries in each state. Not only are these maps fun to put together, but they are educational and make it much easier for young children to learn about their country.  (See the example at the end of this article.)

Maps of Other Areas 

Are you trying to help your children learn about other countries? You may want to purchase a Canada Map, a European Map or puzzles from other locals. These are wonderful items to pick up as trip souvenirs. Your children will have a wonderful time putting together maps of places they have visited and it will help them remember the trip more easily. 

The Human Body

Whether it is a picture of a skeleton or a partially clothed person, puzzles help children pay close attention to how our body parts are connected. Often, jigsaw puzzles of people are one of the types a young child will put together. The human body design can be as simple or as complex as you decide is appropriate for the age of the child. (See the example at the end of this article.)

Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Do you have a favorite artist? One of our daughters loved Georgia O'Keefe. Not only did our family put together several puzzles depicting her art, but we also added adhesive to the back to keep them together. Afterwards, we were able to hang them in our daughter's room. Everyone in the family had the pleasure of really noticing the detail in these paintings, as we assembled the puzzles, and then we had the delightful opportunity to enjoy the artwork for several years. 

3-D Designs

These creations are not designed to lie flat, like a 2-D puzzle, but to form a three-dimensional shape. The most common three dimensional designs are globes … depicting the earth or moon. As you can imagine, 3-D jigsaw creations can be much more challenging than your typical design. However, the resulting completed project can be spectacular!

Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Do you have a favorite photo? There are a number of online companies that will turn a photo into a puzzle for you. Your entire family will enjoy putting together a custom photo jigsaw puzzle of a vacation photo, family portrait, or the family pet. These designs have much more personal significance than puzzles of anonymous scenes, or people. In addition, while working on your creation you are likely to also share family memories triggered by the scene in the photo.

Crazy Patterns

For those who enjoy a real challenge, sometimes you may want to buy a jigsaw puzzle that does not depict anything other than a pattern. For example, sometimes people will pick a design displaying nothing but dots, or different shades of red, or a checkerboard. Hidden pictures are also a popular challenge. In these puzzles, an elaborate pattern is hiding a hidden picture, which you can only see once the puzzle is complete. Even then, you have to look at it in a certain way to block out the patterns and see the real, hidden picture! These types of puzzles are particularly difficult, because you don't have a photo to guide you in deciding the general area where each piece belongs. All the pieces look almost alike. If you love a challenge, try one of these wild, complicated designs.

Strategies for Completing Them

Although you can approach your puzzle any way you want, many people have found it helpful to find the corner pieces, first. Then, they complete the outside edge. The corner and edge pieces are unique, because they have at least one straight edge. Once these pieces have been assembled, you may want to look at the photo that is shown on the outside of the box, and start trying to put together a few pieces. Gradually, the puzzle will grow. The more pieces you assemble, the fewer loose pieces you will have and the easier it becomes to put the puzzle together.

Accessories You May Find Handy

The nice thing about jigsaw puzzles is that you don't really have to purchase anything, other than the puzzle itself. However, some people may wish to purchase a roll-up mat for their jigsaw puzzle, if they don't have a spare table where they can leave it set up. The mat allows you to work on the puzzle for a while, then roll everything up and put it away until you are ready to spend time on the project, again. You can also purchase special adhesive backing that will keep the puzzle in one piece, once you have put it together. In addition, you may want a frame or case, so that you can hang your favorite creation on the wall, or display it. However, none of these items are required in order to enjoy your jigsaw puzzles.

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