The Truth Revealed 

What Is Jihad? 

Most people have no clue what Islamic Jihad is or what it represents to the Muslim believer. 

In the next few pages I’ll reveal the real truth behind Jihad and what it means to America as a nation and what it means to you, the reader. 

Everything I Need To Know I learned In Kindergarten.  When you tell a child of 5-years old anything, what happens THEY BELIEVE IT!  Such is the case in Islam. Children are being taught at a young age that to kill is to serve their “god.” To die for that “god” is a blessed event and one to be sought after.  1.3 Billion Muslims Can’t Be Wrong, Right?  WRONG!

It is believed that there are now 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. Of that number an estimated 10% are extreme in their views. That translates to millions of people willing to die for their beliefs. 

Should we be worried? You bet we should and to simply ignore this threat could mean the end of life as we know it in the U.S. 

Why Die For What You Believe?  There are thousands, even millions of people willing to die for what they believe. We’ve seen it throughout history both in the religious and secular arenas.  It has been reported that there are over 54 thousand Muslim believers in the U.S. alone that are waiting to release the bombs they wear in order to further the cause of Islam. 

No Fear and No Pain.  Jihad members are taught that when they die in a suicide bombing there will be no fear and they will feel no pain. It is so deeply ingrained into them that there is no question in their minds when the bomb is activated. 

You Won’t Die.  Further, it is believed by the bomber that He (or she) won’t die when the bomb goes off. They’ll be immediately transported to “heaven.” 

Your Own Personal Resurrection.  In this heavenly place your are immediately given your own personal resurrection. You are now a “god.” You will be worshiped.  As a “god” you are given a beautiful crown of glory and on that crown is a gem stone placed in the middle for everyone to see. 

Exemptions.  Because you are willing to die for the cause of Jihad you are able to select 70 of your friends or relatives to become exempted from hell.  Those seventy people, while you’re alive, will give you gifts and money to buy their way onto your list. They don’t want to do the bombing but they are certainly willing to buy their way onto your private list. 

The Power Of 72.  Most everyone has been told that when a Jihadist dies he goes to heaven and is given 70 virgins upon his arrival. That isn’t correct.  When the person dies (even though he doesn’t believe he will actually die) he believes he goes directly to heaven and because of his willingness to further the cause of Jihad he is given 72 mansions with 72 virgins in each one. That totals 5,144 “black-eyed” virgins. Black-eyed virgins are said to be incorruptible therefore the “master” of the virgins never has to worry that they’ll leave him. 

Never A Funeral.  Always A Wedding.  You would expect that when someone dies there is a funeral. Not so when a “bomber” dies. There is NEVER a funeral. There is ALWAYS a wedding celebration because that person has been joined with his “bride” in heaven. 

THE TRUTH.  As people living in the United States we are proud to call ourselves a “christian” nation. Admittedly this is a little difficult to believe in today’s current situation with marriage being redefined and “alternative” lifestyles being explored. However, we, in general, are still a nation with values based on the teaching of the Bible. Because of this we differ greatly with the beliefs of Islam and well we should. 

The Past Doesn't Guarantee Our Future.  At the moment we finally forget where we’ve come from and upon what our freedom has been based we are doomed. God won’t tolerate our actions forever. He never has, regardless of who the people were that claimed to be believers. Even His chosen people, the Jews, have been punished for their actions of idol worship, disregard of the laws and for not recognizing Jesus when He first arrived and offered them the Kingdom. No, He won’t wait much longer to hand down judgement on the U.S. or any other nation. 

Differences Revealed .  The truth of this entire matter is based on what Jesus told His followers thousands of years ago while He was on earth. I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME. (You don!t have to blow yourself up to get into heaven.)  Is that so very hard to believe? Is that so hard to grasp and make part of your daily life? Are we willing to give up our society to those around us that have “another gospel?” 

But What About... No, there is no “but what about..." You either believe what is truth or you chose not to. The choice is ultimately yours to make. Making the choice of life or death seems simple. Living the choice is not. Believers in Islam live their choice and are wiling to die for it. Are you, as a believer in Christ, willing to die for your cause? If not, why not? 

For All Have Sinned. Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever taken something that didn’t belong to you? Have you ever wanted something that belonged to your neighbor? If the answer is yes, and I’m sure it is, then God says you are a sinner, not worthy of entering the Kingdom Of Heaven. God can not and will not allow sin to enter his perfect kingdom. 

So what do you do about this situation?  REPENT.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term “repent” but do you really understand what it means? To repent is to “turn away from forever” your sinful actions. Have faith enough in God to allow Him to help you with your repentance and to live a life of service to Him. That is all He asks of us. We are on this earth to glorify God. Its what He demands of us clearly and simply. Nothing else. 

But How? God clearly tells us that if we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord then He will forgive our sins and bless us with eternal life. That eternal life doesn’t begin when you get to heaven. It begins the moment you repent of your sinful ways and begin serving Him. Read the book of John in the New Testament. It will guide you in your new life and help you through each day. Find a good, bible believing/teaching church and attend regularly. It will be a great source of encouragement and strength to you in your journey. 

Share this new life with others around you. There is only one thing we can take to heaven with us and that is others you have shared the “good news” of the gospel with while here on earth. (Make a list of more than 70 people and don!t allow them to “buy in.”) 

God Bless You.  And He will. God said “Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved... that means saved from eternal separation from God. It means eternal life with God. What more could we ask of our loving Father in heaven that sacrificed his only Son for our salvation. Read John 3:16 and find comfort in His words.