People choose to exercise at home like me because they don't like to exercise with the crowd or they simply don't like to go to gym. In this case, a good training and workout DVD would be a very important tool to help you exercise at home.

The Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVD is the kind of amazing workout video that offers excellent traineing advice and workouts that help you yield good results.

Ever since the TV reality show "The Biggest Loser" was aired on TV, many people have wished that they could lose weight like the contestants. Many wanted to be trained by Jillian Michaels so that they could lose some pounds or build a good body shape. That's why I bought this DVD. I want to be trained by Jillian. And after I got this DVD and started to workout with it yesterday, I could tell you it was the most transformational experience I've ever felt.

One complete workout session in this DVD is about 50 minutes, from warm-up to cool down. The workout sessions are designed to fix specific trouble areas, like saddlebags, wobble arms, and love handles. Each circuit targets different "trouble zones" which is around 6 minutes of toning movements lead by Jillian. There are a total of 7 circuits in this DVD, including 1) shoulder & legs, 2) chest & abs, 3) biceps & butt, 4) thighs & triceps, 5) core, 6) upper body & core, and 7) lower body & core. You are free to choose to do them all at once or go directly to the most desired part where you want to start.

The other reason you would love this DVD is that Jillian makes it suitable for every level of fitness. Although the movements seem a little hard for a real beginner, Jillian shows modifications for each movement as alternatives for people who can't follow up. As for advanced exercisers, if you try to move at a faster pace, you would not only get a good work out on a specific part of your body, but you would also get a good cardio effect.

I still felt sore and pain from yesterday's first try out, but I will keep doing it for the next few days. This DVD does help me to work on the specific parts of my body that I want to get in shape. I believe if I keep doing it, soon I don't have to wear pants and long sleeves to cover my body during the hot summer weather.