• Created from 7 of the world's most expensive roses
  • Smells expensive!
  • Extremely feminine


  • Can smell a little sickly when first applied
  • It is expensive!
  • Limited range - we want candles!

Full Review

Jo Malone's Red Roses is one of the purest, intense scents created by the British perfumier, Jo Malone. Pure rose petals from seven of the world's most expensive roses combine in this, her signature fragrance.

A pure rose scent, the Jo Malone Red Roses fragrance is a best seller. It has a heart of crushed violet and a hint of lemon, which does away with any sickly sweetness.

Jo Malone Red Roses is branded a cologne, and is feminine, floral and intense. It's available to buy as a 30ml or 100ml cologne. Other items in the range include Bath Oil and Body Lotion. At this point the Jo Malone Red Roses is still a relatively new fragrance, meaning that their usual range of other items is rather limited. Personally, I think a home candle in this range would be great.

Prices for the 30ml cologne spray are £34.00 GBP, with 100ml retailing at £68.00. It's a lot to pay, but my experience is that a 30ml bottle will last a good 18-24 months when used 3-4 times in a week. The small bottle is also really handy to fit into a purse for touch-ups on the go. Jo Malone also makes an extra effort with the packaging. The glass bottle is extremely slick and simple, but looks timeless. If you are buying as a gift, they come beautifully wrapped and packaged, making a classy and elegant gift.

Jo Malone Red Roses is perfect for romantic women of all ages. It's not 'old lady' rose, but nor is it more of the 'rose otto' scent that other perfumes have. It just smells incredibly pure, like the roses pulled from the garden, but intensified!

When first applied, the rose is a bit sickly, but that soon fades and the hint of lemon comes through to cut through that sweetness and it really helps to freshen the scent and bring it up to date. Although I love rose fragrance, I'm always worried that it can smell dated, but this is fresh, clean and current. I'd say it lasts about 6 hours before it needs topping up, but it really does still smell on the skin as much as 12 hours later. When it's layered with the body lotion, that rose smell lasts around the clock.

In Closing

If you like floral, intensely rose scents and don't mind spending the cash, then Jo Malone Red Roses fragrance is worth every penny. And if you're looking for a gift for a romantic lady that you simply can't go wrong with – this is it! If it sounds a little too floral, then consider the Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin.