A job application for a teenager is always something interesting and confusing. Which will be a better option when looking for a first time job, McDonalds or Lowes? Have your say:


The better option will be a job application from McDonalds. The reason why this is better for a teen because McDonalds offers teenagers a way to become responsible by following directions and how to make food from scratch. This is a skill that all people need. Also if the teenagers are taking orders it lets them work on their public relations skills that they need when they are adults on their own. Lowes hardware is a great job but does not fit a teenager. In Lowes you need to have a variety of knowledge about hardware. The teenager needs to acquire that knowledge in order to become an effective employee. Since teenagers are not looking for long term work and just part time employment, the amount of time that it would take to learn about the department they would be put in would be a waste of time for them; since they will most likely leave the job at the most in a few years. - London

The better option will be a job application from McDonalds. McDonalds would be a very great place to work as a teen during the summer time to get a little work experience under his or her belt to get a feel on not only how the food industry works but how the work face operates with different kinds of people in everyday America. McDonalds also provides a great income for teens who are learning money management and how to budget well with the weekly or bi-weekly checks earned for their hard work, which also gives the impression that once you work hard you shall receive good deeds. Another reason why the better option would be McDonalds is because more teens will get hired their in any demographic than a Lowes store. Not to add that the food is WONDERFUL! On the other hand, Lowes would be a great place to work for more experienced and older employees who can understand the hardware and housing options and can answer complex questions that might be specific to the customer(s) needs. Lowes could only hire people that have experience in home and construction and know a few things about it and have a basic knowledge on everything Lowes offers. Teens wouldn't be as enthused with working around older employees than working among peers and the best part, eating the food. Teens love to eat! So to end, I would recommend teens to fill out an application at McDonalds before Lowes. - New York

The better option will be a job application from Lowe's because there is a lot more things that can be learned there. Both Lowe's and McDonald's offer interaction with the public. Both pay the same. There is lots to do to stay busy. They would both be good jobs for teens. If I were a teen today I would choose Lowe's over McDonald's because I feel I would get a broader and more detailed work experience overall. The smell of grease would get old quick and it would be boring without rotation of jobs every few hours. Lowe's offers jobs for teens with a variety of tasks each day so they are not in one spot all the time. This enables them flexibility thus preventing boredom and clock watching. It would be hard for a teen to be thinking of the end of the shift all day. Teens get bored so easily.- Washington

The better option will be a job application for Lowes because with both jobs they can get experience with money, but at Lowes they can pick up basic home improvement skills. Even if they don't go into construction the skills can come in handy when they grow and have a house of their own. I also believe this will be a better job because they have a better opportunity to for customer service. They are actually talking to the customer and getting to know their needs and not just taking their orders. Any job for a teenager is a good experience in the long run I think Lowes would be better. - Florida

The better option will be a job application from Lowes. The reasoning behind this is that there are many more departments at Lowe's so a 16 to 18 year old would have a lot more opportunity to learn different things and try out a few different job positions. You could check people out, help people find things, stock shelves, or learn about a garden section. McDonalds on the other hand is more limited to one set of jobs and a more monotonous daily routine without room for advancement. Lowes is the better place of the two for a job application. - Long Island