The job market is tough-no question about that. People with four year degrees and perfect credit have difficulty getting work. If you are a convicted felon with jail time under your belt one can only imagine what your job search looks like. For convicted sex offenders, the job search is ten times more difficult than the average ex offender. This article is a necessity as the sex-offender registry becomes cluttered with names of individuals not violent or predatory but good people who are caught in a series of unfortunate events. When a person is labeled as a registered sex offender it limits employment opportunties.

Before reading the tips, please note with any ex-offender, please stay within the conditions of your probation and sentencing guidelines. As a sex offender you are unable to have employment anywhere near minors.

Temporary agencies, or temp agencies as they are commonly called, offer resources to people in transition. This includes sex-offenders. Temp agencies place you in short term assignments that pay good hourly compensation. Depending on the screening process, you may not have to disclose that you have a felony, much less that you are a sex-offender. If you have to disclose your sex offender status, some agencies have a scoring system to determine your placement eligibility. Never accept an assignment where you shouldn't be. Don't accept an assignment as a middle school receptionist or a high school janitor. Do not accept temp to hire positions. The company interested in hiring you has a more extensive screening process than the temp agency and your sex-offender status will be exposed.

Manual labor is an invaluable source of income for sex offenders. By working under the table you earn a living and don't have to undergo extensive screening processes. Most manual labor companies are always looking for extra bodies and while you may be paid slightly less, it beats unemployment.

Self employment is a way for sex-offenders to have gainful employment, keep their dignity and not have to be subjected to any screening process. Pick your business endeavors by determining your personal strengths. Research licensing for businesses that interest you and be sure you can operate that business legally. Remember what areas of business you cannot venture into. Hiring employees and running your business from a home or office makes it possible to give business a wider audience and maintain your legal responsibilities.

The job search is difficult, sex-offenders must be allowed to make a living. This list is meant to assist those trying to feed their families.