The Job Corps Program Helps Young Adults Who Need a Job ASAP

After Training is Finished the Job Corps Helps Graduates Find a Good Job

     During this period of high unemployment the Job Corps is an especially important resource for some teenagers and young adults to received the training to find a good job.  Since participants receive a stipend while in the program it provides an answer to a young people who need a job asap. This opportunity is not nearly as well known as it should be.  The Job Corps is run by the United States Department of Labor and participation is free to qualified students.

     There are many young people who are seeking employment as they approach adulthood.  Some need to work to support themselves.  Others need a job to allow them to pay for, or help pay for, further education.  Many of the positions traditionally filled by those entering the job market for the first time, are now being filled by people who are being laid off from more advanced jobs.  So at this time finding a job is even more difficult for our youth.

     One of our granddaughters recently found herself in the position of an unemployed young person in need of a job asap. Traditional high school courses were not for her, and at sixteen she dropped out of school.  She wanted to find a way to live on her own. However, finding a job and having the income to support herself, turned out to be a real challenge.  In time she went to live with an aunt, hoping to find a job in that area and to then live on her own.  However, she, like many of her peers, was still unable to find employment.

     Then one day she heard about the Job Corps.  She decided this was an opportunity for her and applied.  During the application process this author had opportunity to speak to the admission counsellor, who was processing her application.  This admissions person assured me that they were looking for young people who did not have criminal records or drug problems.  They wanted young people who needed help getting into the adult world, but they did not want not "problem kids."

     It took about three months for her to complete the application process, before she was accepted. The length of time needed to complete an application and actually enter the program probably varies from person to person.  My granddaughter seemed very comfortable about the way she was treated during the process, and even had opportunity to visit the location where she would be attending the program, just like high school students often visit a college during that admission process.

     There are Job Corps programs throughout the United States.  Many are in or near big cities such as New York City, Chicago, and Baltimore.  Then there is one on Treasure Island, near San Francisco. (This is a Navy base, not the one in the novel.) They provide educational and job training as part of the curriculum.  For those who have not completed high school, they alternate weeks between career training and the educational courses needed for a high school diploma.  Since the needs of each student are different, the program is individualized for each person.  There are also some students who gain college credits through the Job Corps.  They also have opportunity to gain important life skills, like how to drive.

     There is a wide selection of available opportunities for different types of job training and careers.  Many of then are about a year long, but this varies.   Not all programs are available in all locations.  One of the very popular training programs is in culinary arts. Here students get diverse experience in food preparation in a professional style kitchen.

     There are a number of technical programs such as automotive technician, heating, air conditioning and ventilation services technician training available. Future fire fighters  and plumbers can also get their training in the Job Corps.  There is an emphasis on Green Technology in these and in some other programs. 

     Another popular program is training to drive heavy trucks.  Since commercial truck drivers need to be 21 years old, someone interested in this career path needs to check on the age requirements for this program. 

     There are a variety of programs offered for health related careers.  Some of these include courses for Licensed Practical Nursing, pharmacy technology, dental assistant, clinical medical assistant and  medical office support.

     Computer technology training is also available.  In this day this is a very popular career and has vast opportunity.

     The job corps is a way to aquire a skill to earn a living, that does not cost the student or family anything.  In addition, small stipends are given students regularly, while they are in training.  Upon completion of the program, the student many be given a transition allowance, while the person is looking for a job.

     The job corps also provides assistance to their graduates for finding a job  and support needed in making the transition into the working world.  The post training support goes on for a while, after the person has completed their training.

     For detailed information about job corps programs you can visit their website.  This will give you some information about available programs and locations, and where you can inquire for additional information.

     Students are permitted to communicate with family members.  As a  result I email with my granddaughter regularly and am learning about her experiences there.  I am very pleased with what I am hearing about this program from her.   First of all, she seems happy and enthusiastic to be in the program.  In addition, to the learning experience, it is an enjoyable and positive eenvironment for the young adults. 

     My granddaughter lives in a dormatory with other young ladies.  There are field trips, movie trips and even dances from time to time.  And, of course, there are graduation ceremonies periodically, for those who complete the program. This adds zest for a young adult.  There are also recreation facilities in the dormatory, such as a work out area and an arts and crafts area.  All these activities work together to help create a really good environmnet for emerging adults.

     Additionally, there is health care available when needed, and there are people qualified to provide counselling support as needed.  Many young people can benefit from the support provided by the Job Corp to make the transition from youth to full adulthood.

     Although it is hard to believe for those who remember when it was started, the Job Corps has been around for nearly fifty years.  It was started under President Johnson in 1964 and was initially headed  by R. Sargent Shriver, who also was the driving force for the Peace Corps, and, additionally, developed Head Start and some other related programs during the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations.

    Today the Job Corps annually serves about 60.000 young adults throughout the USA.  This program is especially important during economic hard times, when jobs are scarce.  It helps youth develop the skills needed for life long employment.  This is especially important for those young people who are not college bound, and who do not have the financial resources to get training at their own expense.

    With almost fifty years of service to American youth, the Job Corps is an extremely important program for helping young people become self-sufficient and not become dependent on outside support from parents or from other resources.  Based on my experience communicating with a family member currently in the program, I feel it is an excellent program.  This author feels that schools and other programs that provide services to young adults and teens, should provide more information about the Job Corps and the opportunities it provides at no charge to participants.