Are you looking to find a job?  This article is a very simple overview of things you can do to improve your chances of finding a job.  Job searching, filling out applications, and interviewing will be discussed.  Don’t let what the media and the others are saying about the job market, finding one may not be as hard as it is made out to be.  You may need to take a job that is below what you think you should be making but remember you can't start out at the top of your field.  You might not find a career with this first job but you have to start somewhere.  Sitting at home and complaining about it doesn’t get you anywhere but further in debt and sometimes depression.  Keep reading and use any resources you may have to gain employment.

When trying to find employment there a few simple things that you can do.  The first couple of steps for looking for employment are putting together a résumé and securing any references needed.  Then look in your local paper for jobs and talk to your friends and neighbors to see if anyone knows of an employer that is hiring.  Don’t leave any stone unturned.  If you don’t have a home computer you may go to your local library or state or county employment office for help.  The library is a great source for finding help, you just need to ask.  Once you have these things completed, make a list of job opportunities, rank the jobs starting from the first one you would prefer to the last one job that you would accept.

Now get up and go out into the world and start filling out job applications, and online.  Always dress for success, when you go to fill out applications and when you interview.   You want to dress like you are attending a wedding, no jeans or t-shirts.  A shirt and a tie with a nice pair of pants and shoes always make a good impression.  For women dress conservatively a nice skirt and blouse will work.  Even if this isn’t the way you normally dress it is always a good idea to look your best.  Make sure your former employer’s, references, and any other information is completely correct and honest.  Once you have finished filling out the application ask to speak with someone in human resources or a manager or supervisor.  This is important to get your name and face in the mind of the person that is hiring.  If you can’t speak with someone find out the name or names of the person who does the hiring.  Wait a couple of days and call this person and check the status of your application.  These are your first impressions and may determine if you get an interview.

Now when you get called for an interview try to set up the interview as soon as possible and be accommodating to whoever is setting up the interview.  Before going to your interview you will need to do a couple of simple things.  Go online or to the library and search for sample interviewing questions and prepare your answers so you are ready for many of the questions.  Answer all interview questions with simple answers and be positive even when asked about your weaknesses.  Always make eye contact with your interviewer and try to smile, act like you want to be a part of their team.  After the interview preferably on the same day, type a letter of thanks to the person that interviewed you and include some of the things that you and the interviewer spoke about. 

These things are very simple things that you can do with very little money.  It may seem a little hard at first but once you do it a couple of times you will be a pro at it.  Job hunting is a lot like dating you just need to keep trying and being a little aggressive to achieve your goal.  Remember you just need one job to start yourself on your track to your career goals.  Don’t get frustrated if you get rejected, it only takes one yes to have an opportunity to get a job.  Always be positive about yourself when job hunting and sell yourself.  Good luck!