It is great when kids want to start making some money for themselves and there have been many success stories in different parts of the world of kids who started selling jam or using their brain to become great entrepreneurs.

Some kids just want to make extra money so that they can buy a few things on their wish list and other kids dreams will go further than that. A job for kids is not always easy to find. Sometimes a shop or company don't want to hire children, but there are always other options if that is the situation.

These days kids have been making money online. There are plenty of online jobs for kids and they have been making quite a package in recent years. Online jobs come in the form of blogs, data capturing and maintaining web sites to name a few. Sometimes options are limited, but kids can always help their parents with their online jobs.

Can you bake?


Here are a few jobs for kids to get started with

Leaf Raking, Grass Cutting and Watering

Summer jobs for kids are always available if time is willing to be sacrificed. There is always a need for this, especially in areas where there are lots of leaves and with large properties and gardens tend to get overgrown. When neighbours go away for a long period it could be an idea to ask them if they would like their garden to be watered or their pets fed and looked after. Make some fliers and put them in letter boxes. Dog-walking is also a good way to make money.


Parents probably won’t want someone under the age of 13 to look after their kids unless they seem to be mature enough. Babysitting has been around for a long time. Children like to played with and entertained so it’s a good idea to do this. in this way they will tell their mother and the babysitter will be invited back. The babysitter could even bring her or his own toys, movies and books for the children to be entertained with. Having a babysitting job can bring in a decent wage.


Online Jobs for Kids

Online jobs should be considered for older kids. Parents sometimes get worried about their kids spending time online and the dangers, but starting a blog will grow over time and this would be like an investment. There are kids who have been making money like this  and are worth a small fortune.

Washing Cars

If this is done in a team there is a lot of money to be made. An example of this is at a small mall with no car washing facilities and with cars coming in and out all the time. Make sure permission is given and then find out if there is running water. A bucket of soap, a bucket of clean water and a couple of sponges are needed. Fliers could also be distributed around the neighbourhood.

Farmers Market

If kids come from farms or a big property where they are able to grow vegetables and various seedlings in their backyard then they can be sold at a farmers market on the weekend. The other option is to make jam, marmalades or various preserves out of their produce. These ingredients can also be bought at the supermarket along with glass bottles and sold to family, friends of parents, neighbours and at markets.


Some kids are gifted either musically, artistically, intellectually and so the list goes on. Parents don’t want to spend a fortune on extra lessons so kids can use their gifts to help children after school. They could put in an hour a day and by interacting with someone just a little older than themselves it will hopefully build up their confidence a little.

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Are you looking for online jobs?

Some kids have made a fortune online and have even been giving adults some really good advice.

Do you like to write? There are many writing sites where you can get started. However, the best thing is for you to write your own book. Kids and teens are doing this. There are even places where you can market your books. Is that not cool or what?

Kindle Direct Publishing - this is the best place to get started

Do you like to play games? Do you want to play games for money. There are many sites like this. However, you have to be careful about where you go - I'm going to recommend you one place which is really safe and an enjoyable place to hang out.  There are lots of rules so if you do anything wrong, you will be banned. Points 2 Shop is a place where you can either earn money or you can earn points, which can accumulate fairly quickly inot a nice Amazon gift. On top of this, it is well moderated.