If you are a felon or simply have a shady criminal record then you might understand why it is so hard for some people to gain a job. If you are struggling ti find a job because of your criminal record, there are some options that are available to you.

Foreign Language Skills

If you learn an in demand language such as Russian then nobody can take that away from you. It seems like everybody and their dog is speaking Spanish but if you learn  a language such as Russian, Korean, or Mandarin Chinese then you will have a truly in demand skill-set that will help you to find a good job.

As a felon you may not get a job with the CIA as a translator but there are a lot of private companies where your language skills will be sought after. Instead of begging for work you will have employers coming to you and begging you to work for them.


Internet Marketing

There are numerous aspects to Internet Marketing. You may want to get involved in a lucrative opportunity such as the Empower Network or you may want to become an affiliate marketer focusing on companies such as Amazon.


Start a blog and talk about anything you want including your time in Prison. You will not be able to make a living at blogging until you have been doing it awhile but if you stick with it you will see your blog earnings continuing to rise. One popular way of monetizing your blog is to use the Google Adsense program. Google makes it very easy to sell advertising space on your blog and you get paid every time somebody clicks on an ad! (Just ensure that you never ask someone to click on the ads either)

There are many job and career options available to people with criminal backgrounds and felonies on their records. You may not be able to get a traditional job such as a bank teller but you can get a job doing marketing for the bank or even using your newly learned foreign language skills to work for the bank headquarters. No matter what position you are in there is work available for you but your career path will be vastly different than a young man with no criminal background.

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