Although nurse aide jobs are considered as entry-level positions into the healthcare career field, these beginners play a vital role in the personal care and well-being of residents in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. While at work, individuals in this role perform a number of different tasks which can be found in a nurse's aide job description.

Personal Care
Residents of nursing homes may have limitations that prevent them from caring for themselves 100 percent. When this occurs, a nurse's aide steps in and assists the person. This can be for bathing, getting dressed, eating or participating in social activities within the nursing home.

Personal Assistant
Just as residents are limited in their personal care, they may also be limited in the activities they can do. Being able to make the bed is a tasks many nursing home residents are unable to do themselves since it requires lots of movement. It's the job of a nurse's aide to act as a personal assistant to each resident by making their bed, tidying up their room and bringing anything they need to them if they are unable to get it themselves.

Monitoring Procedures
Even though nurses work at the same time and in the same location as nurse aides, they often have less contact with residents. It's the responsibility of the nurse aide to be aware of a person's health and have basic medical monitoring skills. These allow the nurse aide to check the pulse rate of a resident, take their temperature or check their blood pressure. If they find the person's readings aren't normal, they can notify the nurse in charge who can further investigate and seek additional medical help if needed.

Nurse Assistant
Supervisors for nurse aides are the nurses in charge when a person is on duty. This can change frequently or only occasionally depending upon the nursing home and its staffing needs. As part of the nurses' aide job description, aides must comply with the requests of the nurse supervisor. Often this entails obtaining supplies or setting up equipment such as when baths or meals are going to occur.

To have a job as a nurse aide, an applicant must be certified through the state as a nurse aide. They must also have completed a training program that prepares them with the skills and knowledge needed to serve as a nurse aide. Finally, nursing homes look to hire nurse aides with personal qualities such as compassion, patience and a positive attitude.