To land a job at the earliest is a dream for all job seekers. However, after giving a closer view, do you think that your goal is just to land a job offer? Certainly not, right? You all would not like to be working at a place, doing something that you hate the most. Hence, it is important that you understand what an appealing prospect to you is. You will have to make sure that you first know what you have to target and then be a contestant till you grab the job. Do your best to overcome eliminations during the job hunting process. Another thing that you should think is to market yourself to targeted employers and this will make it easier for you to land a suitable job.

Here are some secrets that can make your job search successful and help you land a job, quicker than other people, who are competing with you. If you are an undergraduate student and have referred to resume templates for undergraduate students, or you are an expert, your resume has one goal; it should be seen and noticed.

Marketing Tips for Job Seekers

Get Potential Employers like You

When you meet a potential employer, ensure that he likes you. Before you actually meet a person, you need to know what they actually like. You should go to that person’s LinkedIn account or Facebook account and see what information is available to public and research what they can stand for, what they like, what movies they like, and information like this. You can basically get an idea who these people are as ‘person’ than just their job descriptions. This will help you get the job.

You can also create a Facebook ad campaign targeted to a particular group, or a club with a lot of potential employers. Put up some suitable classifieds that are related to your job search and optimize the possibilities of you being noticed.

Strawman Technique

While applying for job, what can make you look different is if you do not sound desperate about getting a job. Rather than asking a question directly to your targeted audience, you should ask it to a third party, so that your message indirectly reaches the targeted audience in a more appealing manner. For an example, instead of asking ‘do you know of any job available’ asking ‘do you know of someone who is hiring’ can actually provoke potential employers to respond to your question. Instead of positioning yourself as desperate job seeker, you can put it in an elegant manner to get some good results.

Personal Branding

While targeting to the potential employers, divide them into two groups: one who is looking to hire, and another who is not looking to hire. If you are targeting the former category, you need to make sure your resume outshines the tons of resumes received by the prospective employer. However, while targeting the other category, you should give something that is really attractive and valuable for the employer, such as certification, skill set, etc., so that they can think of hiring you, and you can grab your desired job.


While applying for a job, giving recommendations and testimonials is a good idea. It is an additional advantage to get your recommendation written by someone, who already knows the potential recruiter.

Building one of the best resumes for computer science professionals is not sufficient to grab a job. Apply a few marketing techniques, such as follow up your resume, supply appropriate recommendations, highlight personal achievements and connect to the potential employer. You should outshine amongst the rest to be noticed and acknowledged positively, and these tips will help you do the same.