The job marketplace has become much more hostile since the lack of jobs available in the U.S. Years ago most of us didn’t know any or very many people who lost their jobs in a lay-off. Now a lay-off is a regular headline in the news.  It’s important to develop job strategies in the workplace to make sure our place of work is a manageable one. If you are seeking a new job or trying to manage an existing job that is changing, here are some tips.


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Difficult people- Dealing with difficult people day in and day out at your place of employment can be a very frustrating thing. What is meant by difficult people in the job place? This can be someone who is rude or moody on most days. This also can be someone who yells a lot or someone who gives you the cold shoulder.  It can also be someone who constantly reprimands you for no good reason but an ego trip. This is all a form of harassment but not enough to get them in trouble legally.   You have some choices though. If you feel that the situation absolutely cannot be fixed, start looking for a job right away. You can confront the person, but they may deny it to avoid the conflict. Even if they do, you will still be sending a message. If the job is fairly new and you confront someone, you risk being labeled as a trouble maker.  Last of all; try to stick it out to see if things will change in the situation. There are sometimes many strategies for managing your job for the same situation. You will need to choose which one will generate the best results for you.


Job description not what you expected- Ask questions at the interview. Read between the lines of the job description. If they seem super eager to hire you for the position than just do your homework to make sure that you are not getting railroaded into something you will regret. Clarify your working hours especially if you are taking a salary position. Don’t accept flattery as the truth. . Ask them to be specific about your duties since most descriptions may not be very detailed.


Bored to death- You can’t always know what lies ahead in a new job or even an old one but you can ask details on what exactly you will be doing and if you know the industry, you can probably calculate in your head how busy it will actually be.  You may be laughing at such a problem as being bored to death as a problem at work. Believe me; this can drive some people crazy. If you’re someone who needs to keep busy and hates boredom, one way to deal with these times is to make yourself available to co-workers when you are in a slow time at work. They will appreciate the help and its very good job ethics.

Overworked – Beware of salary positions that may be misleading in the job market. This is why it’s so important to ask questions at the interview.  Many employers may mislead their potential candidates but you need to learn to speak up.  Ask about hours of operation and if there is overtime nights or weekends required which they may fail to mention. Ask them to be specific about your duties since most descriptions may not be very detailed.  It is much better to know before hand, and make an educated decision on your potential job, than let it be a guessing game. Remember, in many states, if you are on salary and making a certain amount of money per week, the employer will not have to pay you overtime. You will be working those extra hours without getting compensated.  If you know this ahead of time, and agree to it, then at least there is no deception involved.

A final word about helping to create a manageable job, do all you can to make it manageable before you move on. As frustrating as it can be, give it your best shot.