Are you a Facebook junky, a Twitter Tweeter?  Do I have good news for you.

The social media world is exploding. Businesses are trying to keep up with their competitors by having the best websites, the most likes and Twitter followers.  CEO's don't have the time to continuously update statuses, content and respond to comments.  Most don't have a clue what searching engine optimization or keywords and meta tags are.

 That is were you come in.  Companies all over the world are hiring people just like you and me to take care of all this technical, or not so technical in most cases for them.  There is a wide variety of job categories for us internet users to work from our own living rooms in our pajamas if we so choose.

 Her is an example of a few of the opportunities available:

  •  Blogger (my personal favorite): Can you write original content (stories, articles, etc.) on a regular basis?  Make you posts interesting, something people are searching for.  Use key words in your posts that make your blog easier for the search engines to find.  If your blogging for yourself you would need to post advertisements that your readers can click on in order to make money on a per click basis.  Google Adsense and the Amazon Affiliate program are great starts. Otherwise you may work for companies updating their blogs or websites with new content.  The more frequently a blog or website is updated the better chances of being located on front pages of the search sites.
  • Social Network Analyst: Utilize social media website engaging current clients and acquiring new clients or followers by writing content or finding content on other websites that can be used to engage people in conversation, making people want to come back to see what is going on.

  • Marketing/Advertising: Work to build a brand using websites and content that gives customers and potential customers a specific picture in their minds of the product or service they are advertising. 

 I was pleasantly surprised when I first started researching the opportunities available to you and I.  Guess what?  This article is making me money.