Jobs are tough to get right now and have been for some time. Workers all across the country go to work every day not knowing for sure whether it will be their last. Caught up in the bad economy mess are teenagers who are, for the first time in their lives, looking for a job. Teenagers will obviously have very little to no job experience and by all reports it has been a tough one for young jobseekers in 2009.



Teenagers of ages 13 and 14 will probably not be hired for any real jobs and if they want to make extra money, they need to look for some ways to make money by doing chores or errands. This would include babysitting, pet sitting, weeding, and other simple and ordinary things that their neighbors might be willing to pay for. The more creative the young teen is and the more skills he or she has will determine how successful they will be.



It is from the age of 15 though, that teenagers become more serious about finding that first real job. Jobs for 15 year olds seem to be important because it is at that age that teens start thinking about dating and paying for gas for their first car. Kids start to mature more rapidly from 15 onwards and those teens have more of a need of money.



Most employers would prefer to hire teens 16 and above and many will not hire younger than that. These teens that are 16 and 17 can do a lot of different types of jobs but they are mostly part time and hourly jobs that don't require any experience. Jobs of this sort are retail jobs, restaurant jobs, movie theater jobs, and other jobs where a middle teen can get his foot in the door and start showing responsibility.



Even though these jobs don't pay a whole lot and may often be minimum wage jobs, it is important for teenagers to get that initial job so they can start a resume. Although a resume is not mandatory at that age, the earlier you start with a work history the better off you will be down the road.



By the time a teen reaches 18, he or she can do any type of job they are able to get. At that age it is important to have some sort of a resume especially if they are looking for a job in place of going to college. Attending college is preferable in most cases for most teens but that does not mean that it is right for everyone. Some high school graduates have no desire to attend college and would rather jump into the work force and start making money.