For those who are fortunate enough to live in the 21st century, many will be able to testify to the fact that life is easier. The industrial revolution, the micro and nanotechnology world have made life more interesting albeit still stressful. A lot of people are now able to work from home and collaborate with people living thousands of kilometers away in real time. That is something that people who lived during the Hellenistic era or ancient Greece could not have imagined. For those born in the last 20 years, it's unthinkable for them to imagine a world without computers. At times, they might not be able to comprehend what life could have been back in the Middle Ages. When it comes to ancient Greece, you will need to go back some 400 years before Christ.
What was life like and what type of jobs were available for those who lived in ancient Greece? Because of the social economic structure of ancient Greece, a lot of the manual works were performed by slaves. For example, some slaves worked in temples and those with artistic capabilities made images of deities that are sold to believers. There are other jobs that are available like those who were employed to check counterfeit coins. This is an interesting job because fraud was also a common problem. There was a banking system in place where people with foreign gold or silver coins can come and exchange them.
Other jobs available in ancient Greece include people working in households and doing manual chores around the house. Others work in fields and plantations growing crops. There are those who sign up and join the military in order to become hoplites. Only free citizens are able to participate in this line of work. 
Another job that was available at the time was teaching. Because only the wealthy could afford to give private tuition to their children, those in this line of work tended to do well and had a higher social status.
Policing public events relating to sports or religious events was another form of work for people in Ancient Greece. Crowd control is what some slaves had to do to earn a living. This is of course not different from what happens today.  Jobs in ancient Greece mimic what exist in modern times. It seems that humans tend to create jobs and adapt to their ever-changing needs.