Do you want to do something that makes a difference in peoples lives?

Jobs that help people are a great wait to mix paying the bills with the pleasure of life. In some cases you will have to sacrifice a little of one for the other but there are exceptions. Keep in mind though that anything you do can help people. It’s all in the way you look at it. If you love doing something enough and find a way to get paid for it then you’ll definitely going to be making a difference in peoples lives. For the rest of us, here are some great jobs that help people.


These jobs save lives. While I listed only doctors and nurses. Anything in healthcare is essential and will help people. These are the brave women and men who put their own health on the line, exposing themselves to disease, day after day to help those around them. This field requires a significant and difficult education. It’s certainly not for the feint of heart in any sense of the word.

Police Officer

While most people seem to have a little distaste for police officers, somebody has to do it. I even was told by a police officer that whenever he sees a police officer in his rear view mirror he curses at them. It’s also a risky job. Even in the smallest, least violent of towns, police open themselves up to being in dangerous situations. They are an often unappreciated hero.


Long hours and low pay but when it comes to impact on society it’s hard to beat. Working with children and trying to educate them about more than just books is difficult. Anyone who has been through schools know that not everyone is cut out to be a teacher. Nevertheless, it’s a noble career that can change lives. One good teacher can change a student for the rest of their life.


Running into the places that everyone else is running out of, in most cases, could seem quite foolish but the firefighter does it to save lives. It requires a lot of courage to become a firefighter. It’s also a physical challenge. They put life and limb on the line to save those around them.

Social Worker

Social workers see things that no one wants to see. They see hopeless cases day after day. They work day in and day out to change that. It’s another low paying job that can really make a difference. Someone doesn’t become a social worker because it’s a pleasant job. They do it to make a difference.

What do you do?

Are you doing it to help others? Then put yourself on this list. Even the most selfish seeming jobs can have good people trying to do good things. Even a used car dealer could be doing it for the right reasons. That is what is really important when looking for jobs that help people. You should look for people that help people.