Are you looking for a job but don't think there are any jobs out there that will pay above minimum wage without a college degree? Or are you a student attending high school or college and want a job but can't find anything that is part time or has a flexible schedule? Here's a list of jobs you can do.

1. Nanny/Babysitting 

 If you love kids this is a great option for you.  Being a nanny obviously doesn’t need a degree and can be part time and very flexible to your schedule. If you’re looking for something consistent, being a nanny may fit the bill. There are many websites that have tons of jobs posted of parents looking for a nanny. The great thing is nanny jobs all range in what schedule they want you to work. They can range from a few hours a week, every afternoon during the week or full time. If you’re looking for a job you can just pick up once in a while, though, you may be better off with looking for one-time babysitting jobs. There are many websites specifically for people looking for a nanny. All have you to do is make a profile that shows when you can work and tells a little bit about yourself and then apply to whatever jobs you want. Nanny and babysitting jobs also tend to pay pretty well, typically ranging anywhere from $10-25 an hour.

2. Pet Care/Housesitting

If you love pets this would be a great job to look into. You can find a lot of pet care jobs from people posting online as well. Most of them just want you to walk their dog for about an hour a couple times a week or once a day. Some of them just want you to let their dogs out to go to the bathroom once a day. Others are looking for someone that can stay overnight and care for their pets when they leave on vacation. So the amount of days can vary greatly. Usually these jobs pay pretty good as well, typically about $10-25 an hour. 

3. House Cleaner

You can also look for house cleaning jobs to help out busy families. Housecleaning jobs would be a great job for someone with a busy schedule because you can get however many jobs you want and usually they will work around your schedule so you can pick a day and time that works good for you. They also tend to pay quite good, usually paying around $15-50 an hour. So if you love to clean and organize, this would be a very good job to look into.  

4.  Personal Assistant/House Manager

Many people want someone to just manage their household while they work full time. Most of the time this will include tasks like doing laudry, picking up and cleaning the house, taking things to the dry cleaners, going grocery shopping, paying bills, house projects such as closet organization, packing and unpacking for trips, taking their pets for walks or to be groomed, and much more. These jobs have a huge range of how many hours they would like you to work ranging from just a few hours a week to sometimes full time. Look online to find jobs like this in your area. Most jobs like this pay pretty good usually starting at around $15 an hour but can pay much more depending what area you live in. 

5. Receptionist/Secretary

There are a lot of receptionist and secretary jobs online and most of them do not require a college degree. Some of them say they prefer college experience but most of the time it isn't necessary. These jobs are usually quite easy and just require multi-line phone system experience and customer service skills. There is a wide range of hours these secretary jobs are looking for, part time and full time. These jobs also usually pay quite a bit more than minimum wage and look great on your resume.

6. Host/Waiter

This is a great job for those that can work evenings or weekends. Especially if you work in a nice restaurant, you can make around $20 an hour or more because of the tips you'll receive. The nicer the restaurant you work in, the better the tips. This is definitely a job you can get without any college degree or experience. Most of the time restaurants will start you out as a host, which doesn't make as good of money because you don't get tips, but after a while you most likely would be able to become a waiter/waitress and make great money.

7. Bellboy

If you live in an area that has a lot of nice hotels, this could be the job for you. Unfortunately, this job is usually more for the men out there. If you work at a nice hotel, 4 or 5 star rating, you can make around $100 a day in tips, on top of your hourly wage. Talk about good money. Some people have reported making a couple hundred dollars a day in tips when working a busy shift at a very expensive hotel. This is also something you could definitely work part time or full time depending on your schedule.

8. Coffee Shop

This is a great job for someone to get, especially if you're going to school. Usually coffee shops will work with your school schedule and let you work part time. You also get good tips especially if you work in a coffee cart because you don't have to divide the tips between as many people, like you do working at places like Starbucks.

9. Recreation Specialist

This is a super fun job that allows you to plan activities for kids and monitor different sports and activities. They pay very well usually starting at around $15 an hour and going up to around $20 an hour. These jobs usually say they prefer a college degree but they don't require it. So it's definitely worth applying. You can also find part time and full time jobs as a recreation specialist.

10. Retail

If you don't mind possibly working weekends and holidays this is a good job that you could do part time without any college experience. And depending where you work, you could get bonuses for your sales.

With 10 different options of jobs that you can do part time or full time and don't require a college degree, you are sure to find a job you like that can work to your busy schedule and that fits to your strengths and personality.