Jobs are Gone But Opportunities are Everywhere

 The jobs of the last generation are gone and they are not coming back.  Production line workers, mechanics, and middle managers positions that had expensive benefit packages and livable salaries have disappeared .  The factory has likely moved to a third world country where labor is very  cheap and the cost of production is much less.  As hard as it is to watch these jobs leave our small towns and cities, it is a great time to welcome  new opportunities.  

 It is time for us to return  to our entrepreneurial roots.  We need to look to ourselves and our God given talents for security.  No job can provide security in this wold today.  We need to look for solutions to problems as this always leads to new and innovative business ideas.  We have one of the highest educated and most motivated workforces in the world in America, This is the time to refocus, access our creativity, find problems that need solutions, and apply the technology we have created.

 In summary, we need to give up on finding a job and focus on the new opportunities that surround us.

 Below are 4 new opportunities to make money in the new economy.  All of these can be easily engaged in an afternoon, with a high school education, computer, and internet access.  Yes, their will be a learning curve you will have to push through, but I am sure many of you could  learn how to make some serious cash.


1. Make money writing articles on infobarrel or other article publishing sites

2. Make money doing freelance work on odesk, elance, or others

3. Start a  blog about a subject and make money with affiliate marketing or Google adsense

4. Write a simple  ebooks  or how to manual and sell it online

 To learn more about any of these ideas just Google them.  Search blogs that discuss them.  Watch a Youtube video about one. Educate yourself.  Making even a little money is a very powerful motivation to continue your education.  Get started Today!

 The old way of making a living is gone and it will not return in our lifetime.  The free market will always move toward cheaper labor and lower taxes.  The new economy involves people taking chances by stepping out on their own.   Hard work is returning as  a way to make a living. 

 The above listed topics are about making a serious income from home with a computer, internet access, and access to your own God given creativity.  My advice to the unemployed and the underemployed is to start thinking like an entrepreneur and try some of these ways to make money.  Invest some of your time and energy.  If you do not use one of these ideas long term, you may still stumble on to an idea that may change your life.  Start your walk on the pathway to financial independence and abundance today.  

 Cash used to be king, but now cash flow or monthly income rules all.  If you have income from multiple sources that is in your direct control, you can service debt and build wealth.  Try incorporating at least one of these ideas over the next month and let me know what happens.