As a recent graduate myself, working throughout my college career was a key way to pay for entertainment and primarily, tuition. Listed below are some of the places you may want to consider as a source.

1. Outside of school

Waiter at a local restaurant, the pay is not so great but your income comes from tips. Pro: can get a decent income and flex hours. Con: late shifts.

Bartender, very similar to a waiter but you are primary responsibility is the bar. Pro: no tables to check and you get a portion of waiters table tip. Con: can be the patrons that frequent the bar.

Teller at a financial institution. Pro: job consistency. Con: fraudulent activities that customers may try to conduct.

Internships. Great way to introduce and prove yourself to a company. Pro: they may offer you a job after graduation. Con: low pay and you can't always do it for more than a semester or two.

Checking out local newspapers job search section, Craigslist may yield some more opportunities.

2. On school grounds

Student tutor for subjects that you excel at. Pro: doesn't take up much time. Con: pay.

University library needs students to restock shelves, check out titles, etc. Pro: good hours and job consistency. Con: low pay.

Alumni relations generally need students to help out with tours, receptionist position, and contacting alumni. Pro: job consistency, getting to meet school officials and opportunity to keep in touch with alumni who may be interested in hiring you. Con: low pay.

Bulletin boards, word of mouth, the college careers site can be a good place to look for these jobs. The perk of on site jobs is you can generally do homework and class projects during work time, the safety of you being on campus, proximity to dorms and you usually leave work relatively early.

3. At home

Blogging, freelance writing, taking surveys, drawing, media design: anything that you like to do that people are willing to pay for. Pro: do what you want to do at your own time. Con: is there a market or demand for your work?

4. On campus activities involvement

These are not a actual jobs that you can list under jobs held on you resume. These activities may help boots your income in terms of, that they may lead up to getting a scholarship for participating in this activity. Pro: you get to meet professors, fellow college students, dignitaries and quite a few other people that can help you get a quality start of your career after school. Con: not all activities pay.

These are just a few of many jobs that are available to a college student. If you have an idea for more opportunities out there, feel free to comment. In the end, what this all comes down to is being passionate about whatever your doing. As long as you like doing it, the easier, faster, and down the line more income generating your job becomes.