In these times, even a grocery job could help you a lot more than you could think. More and more high school students are looking for jobs to help pay make ends meet. No matter how small the compensation is, accepting jobs for high school students could help your family get through tough times. There are opportunities out there; you just need to look for those who are looking for dedicated and hard-working teenagers who have dreams and plans than just to play video games all day. So, whether it'd be for the summer or part-time gig, here's a list of ideal jobs for high school students like you.

Part-time Jobs for High School Students: Balancing School and Making a Living

Available part-time jobs require, at the very least, 10 to 20 hours a week. And, we're talking about the average here. While most guidance counselors would just advice their students to get part-time jobs that would just require them to report during the weekend, more and more students are looking for those who could pay them even during weekdays.

On your employer. Find someone who could understand you and your schedule. You certainly don't want to be late to school just because he had moved you to a night shift. You need to emphasize that you need flexi time so you could do your number priority: doing homework and studying at night.

Payment. Do not expect too much just simply because you've been on top of your class. In general, part-time jobs for high school students are paid on an hourly wage. While it may be too much to ask for something much larger than your dad's earning, don't be afraid to exercise your rights. Know how much you should be paid. You need to understand that you're doing the same work as others; getting a lower base rate simply because you're a high school would not do.

Here are some part-time jobs for high school students that you may want to look into:

Retail. This basically includes working at some stores at the mall. Target those with great reputation: a retail outlet that has union and exercises labor rights would be your best option. You may be eyeing for Wal-Mart or Target: these are great to start with. Your perks: you'd learn the corporate culture that makes these retail giants simply the best in their fields.

Restaurant and food chains. Of course, here come the fast food joints that you would love to be in during the weekend. What are the possibilities: a possible post as a waiter, cashier, server, and even delivery man. Restaurants and food chains are considered part of the hospitality industry, so you need to practice the values that they are known for.

Grocery. The job opportunities in groceries include bag boy, cashier, bringing in a number of shopping carts, re-stocking of the shelves, and even putting in tags. If you see a number of high school students hoping to get a post in your local grocery, that's simply because the restaurant and grocery are the top two employers that offer reasonable pay and flexible hours. And, since there are a lot of things that go around in a grocery store, there are a lot of possible posts or jobs for high school students that you could actually choose from.

While it would be easier to find a local gig, it would be best if you could find summer internships with a number of organizations like Microsoft and NASA.