Headlines may not be exactly encouraging, especially if you are on the lookout for jobs for school leavers. Whether you have just graduated from college or among the thousands of high school students who had to stop going to class because of the recession, you must accept the fact that there is a scarcity of jobs for school leavers.

So what are your chances of making ends meet? Or, even paying the rent? While the market for a full-time job is not exactly with much excitement, school leavers could look into a number of apprenticeship opportunities in both private and public organizations. The compensation may not be exactly encouraging but why not look into the glass half full? Consider apprenticeships as opportunities that could not only give you the exposure but most importantly widen your horizon for the future that may not look exactly bright at present. Here are some tips in choosing which apprenticeship jobs for school leavers would be the best for your skills - and how to catch the right one.

Application Tips

What to expect from apprenticeship opportunities. While apprenticeships are not considered as "real" jobs for school leavers, you would want to consider the fact that most companies prioritize their top apprentices when they make a particular post available. Going in for an available apprenticeship opportunity could be just the "opening" that you are waiting for to be accepted in the company of your choice. What could one expect during an apprenticeship? A lot. In fact, expect that you'll be going around the office. A number of companies would often count on their trainees to go about most of the business of the business: from managing incoming goods up to the details of business planning.

How to present your application. You need to highlight why a company should choose you over someone who could have higher grades than you or even finished a graduate program. Because of the scarcity of real earning opportunities in the corporate world today, expect that a lot of graduate students would compete for apprenticeship jobs for school leavers. You need to emphasize that you have what it takes to become part of the corporate environment by being professional - from the presentation of details in your CV down to how you dress for the interview.

The Perfect Employer

Before you clean your locker, ask the advice of your guidance or career counselor which company offers the apprenticeship post that would match your skill and strengths.

While your skills and, of course, academic background could be your primary determinants in knowing potential companies, you may want to ask your guidance counselor if these companies

Consider trainees as part of their company. You need to ask how these companies treat their trainees: Are they part of the big picture? Or, just someone who just needs to stay in the pantry?

Determine the training objectives. Trainees were expected to learn during their apprenticeship program. The company must, then, define exactly what needs to be achieved by their apprentices at the end of the training. Read and review your contract. If your responsibilities are blurry, chances are so will your stay.

During Apprenticeship

Do your job. While you would not consider your training opportunity as one of the ideal jobs for school leavers, you may want to think of it as the ticket to your dream post. Companies do assess and retain apprentices who had shown professionalism and flexibility needed to adapt company values. If you want to remain with the business, you need to do what is expected of you and more.