Singapore is an economical utopia and a great place to find employment. It's one of the Four Asian Tigers in the east and is ranked fourth in a list of top financial centers in the world. This nation is typically called the Garden City because of the many parks and reserves with lush greenery located in various areas within the metropolitan area. And with it's tropical rainforest climate, it stays warm and sunny throughout the year but can often be quite humid with frequent rainfall. It's a hub for executives from around the world with it having a distinguished market-based economy, and is noted as running the freest, least corrupt economies in the world. If you're searching for jobs for students in Singapore, there are many sites that can assist you in finding the one that fits you best. All it takes from you is a little bit of persistence and dedication.

Jobs for Students in Singapore

Various websites like CareerJet and Indeed offer hundreds of updated job listings for students in Singapore looking for work. They often have categories depending on which industry you're currently in and where exactly you'd like to work. The oil industry is huge in Singapore with it being a top exporter, so likely there are many jobs available for students majoring in these related fields. Spending a few moments each day on these sites aid you in finding a decent job.

One major job searching site that operates mainly in Asian countries is They credit themselves as being the "largest online recruitment platform in Asia Pacific." They have a website that lists current job postings as well as customer service teams to help job seekers locally. They have a special section for students where they offer career tips, a blog that deals with college related issues and help for students searching for either part-time or full-time work.

Job Search Engines

Using more than just one job search engine would probably be best so that you can judge for yourself which one to stick with. It's possible one search engine will have more job listings in your field than another and in that case the choice is easy. Also, some job sites act solely as search engines that simply post dozens of available job listings (e.g. Indeed) while others provide help with career advice articles and direct you to workshops and events (e.g. Depending on what your preferences are will determine the site you use.