The business sector highlights some of the jobs that have money as its common theme.  Business is booming and business related jobs are foreseen to take the lead for the coming years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresee almost 3.8 million job openings in the field of business related ventures (including jobs in Jordan); sales reps, financial analysts, accountants and other business professionals involved in money matters. Let us take a look at some of the jobs that could highlight the business industry next year.

1. Market Research Analyst

For those with business in mind, this job is a fit. Market research analysts concern themselves with issues concerning consumer/client habits and preferences. Issues like, would the customer prefer a wine boxed or bottled? Are the consumer hands-on shoppers or internet based? Market research analysts study client behaviors and use this information to guide companies on how they can brand, pack and sell their products. Business graduates who want to take on this job are expected to earn a median salary of $60, 250. Best paying industries for market analysts include motor vehicle manufacturing, computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, and semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.

2. Financial Adviser

The Bureau of Labor sees an increase in the demand for financial advisers. Financial advisers guide individuals or companies on determining their budget plans, insurance needs, investment decisions and the like. This job fares well because of low unemployment rates. Most that start as financial advisers begin in service firms, but about 1 out of 4 eventually work by themselves and are able to build an enterprise of their own. The projected growth rate of this occupation is at 32% between 2010 and 2020. Financial advisers have a median salary of $66,580.

3. Accountant

A left brain profession that requires a skill for detail and a passion for numbers and their practicalities, accountants are projected to have 15.7% growth between the year 2010 and 2020. A faster growth compared to other professions. There are several types of accounting jobs to choose from, from forensic accounts who investigate embezzlements and frauds in security to public accountants who perform audits and prepare taxes. Accountants have a median salary of $190, 700.

4. Compliance Officer

If you are a stickler for rules then this job might well suit you. Compliance officers are tasked to make sure businesses are following proper regulations, have the proper permits and posses the appropriate licenses. Compliance officers may work for institutions they are reviewing or for another agency contracted to do the performance auditing. The job requires diverse needs and so extensive training and education is needed. The median salary of compliance officers fall at around $60,470.

5. Insurance Agents

These are the business professionals who sell car, home, health and life insurances to individuals. This job requires a positive, extrovert personality. The most common insurance premiums sold by insurance agents are those covering home, health, and cars. There are also commercial insurance agents who cater to businesses selling property and employee-executive. Insurance agents need to be licensed by the states before they can sell the insurance premiums.