Those who choose their career path in Research and Development for Alternative Energy options get a relative slow start in terms of money. It is therefore commonly thought that being in this line is not much about earning good money but about doing something that is of the individual’s interest. However, it may be noted that the employees who are not paid well becomes unproductive or lesser productive with passage of time, as all that matters at the end of the day is what one gets into his pocket to support his life. This fall in productivity level is more obvious in the jobs which require intellectual input such as in the case of research and development in alternative energy options. Many people accept these jobs as it satisfies their quench to help mankind save our mother land and enjoy the feeling of attaining something that very few have attained so far. But as said earlier, this all may attract at the first instance but in the longer run everybody examines what he is getting in return of his time and effort.

There are very limited opportunities in the field of research in alternative energy. The most common positions are Power Plant Operators who are in charge of maintaining the already erected power plants and ensure their smooth functioning. Then are the developers who are scientists or engineers and are experts in their field to develop new options for alternative energy. Then are investors who transform the dreams of the engineers into reality by investing into the plants. These are the only few people who are associated with this field and making this world a better place to live.

Due to changing government policies and increasing oil prices, focus on this particular sector has increased tremendously and the investors are now putting their savings into this field.  Alternative energy plants are the necessity of the coming times when the reliance on oil has to be minimized. As the governments are now more persuasive toward investing in alternative energy projects, special incentives are given to the investors. As a result this particular industry is taking a new kick start and is expected to generate a number of new job opportunities in the coming era.

US government is also stressing hard on finding new ways to generate electricity that are cheap and easy to start. The government is now promoting jobs in this field to hire the researchers to develop techniques of using renewable fuels such as ethanol from plant fibers which are currently not used in any other process and are wasted. In order to support this industry the federal budget for 2007 earmarked $150 million for this purpose this showed an increase of $59 million as compared to the budget of year 2006. These funds were kept aside to invest in the development of biofuels from horticulture waste. Scientists are of the view that if a comprehensive research is continued there are bright chances to make such technologies cost effective by 2012 which will in return reduce the reliance on fuel by 30%.

The federal budget would also be catering to research on developing battery operative hybrid vehicles as the currently plug in hybrid vehicles use electricity or gasoline. 

Green Jobs are Growing
Credit: via Flickr