Located in North West England, Tameside is a bustling metropolitan area with 214,000 people with the Tames river broadly flowing through reflecting the nightlife of the city. This ancient area in North West England has a few timeworn monuments as well as the Buckton Castle built by William de Neville, Lord of Longdendale. Finding jobs in Tameside shouldn't be that difficult a task if you are determined to find a position that speaks to your interests and experience. Whether you're searching for openings at the Crown Point North Retail Park or the Ashton Arcades center, keeping a positive attitude and staying on the ball during the job search will definitely be rewarding.

Job Search Engine Sites

A great place to start the job hunting would be on the net at one of the major job search engine sites. Find jobs at places like Primark, Warrington Borough Council, DHL, Wigan Council or other major job creators in the Greater Manchester area. Discount UK, with it recently adding a new location in Tameside, is another great company offering jobs to residents. Popular job search engine sites include Indeed, Careerbuilder, and Simplyhired. Using the bountiful amount of resources available on the world wide web will provide much better returns than just searching locally.

Tameside Council

Another site you should check out solely directs its focus on the metropolitan borough of Tameside. The Tameside Council, along with other Greater Manchester authorities, provides a site for jobseekers allowing them to set up profiles, receive alerts on vacancies, track application progress and simplify the application process by allowing you to transfer details from application to application. This website was judged by the Comprehensive Area Assessment to have superior performance in assisting each of its nine towns with relevant information on career opportunities. Being able to apply online for jobs makes jobseeking simple and quick. They also allow for apprenticeship schemes to help with gaining experience.

Jobs in Tameside

Finding employment in the metropolitan borough of Tameside is not an impossible task if you take advantage of all the available resources. Most of the citizens in Tameside work in the manufacturing sector with 21.7% according to the 2001 UK census, 18.2% were in retail and wholesale and the third biggest sector employing individuals was health and social work at 10.4%. There are more manufacturing jobs in Tameside than any other area in the UK, 50% more than the national average. But regardless of expertise, as long as you're persistent, then finding an open position won't be impossible.