What do you think of when you think of the future? You might start small with tomorrow and what you have to get done, or even this weekend when you look forward to relaxing. You could even be imagining the Jetsons flying around in their cars, and their robot servants. I like to imagine growing old with the ones I love, having a nice house, and a comfortable life.  Well, in order to get those nice things someones has to work for them. Someone has to build those robots, and flying cars. So what jobs of the future will we see to build better tomorrow?  Carrierbuilder.com compiled a list of 10 jobs that are predicting to have the biggest growth in the coming years.


Cyber Security Specialist

Genetic Counselor 

Organic Food Farmer

Medical Records administrator

Mobile Application Developer

Robotics Technician

Simulation Engineer

Social Media Manager

Stem Cell Researcher

Sustainability Officer


Some of these jobs didn't even exist 10 years ago. Sure, you had heard of people making video games, but until Steve Jobs came along no one knew what a Mobile Application Developer was.  We do have lots of robots on our assembly   lines, it won be long before we have then in our homes. Oh wait, we do ever heard of a Roomba?  We already do, Robotics Technicians are make huge strides in solving every day problems with the help of robots.  Ever wish there was a cure for some debilitating disease Parkinson's?  Well these controversial Stem Cell Researchers are hard at work tying to find a cure to it.  Also, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg Facebook has literally embedded itself into almost every facet of marketing.  So if you know anything about social media, and especially if you don't you'll need a Social Media Manager.  

However, don't you worry. These high-tech jobs won't replace your low tech one anytime soon, if you have one.  People will need people for a long time. So if you are a nurse or a doctor there isn't an App for that.  If you are a construction worker or a fireman they don't have robots to do your job.  If you are a painter or a musician you aren't obsolete. So, What I am saying if you are worried about being replaced you won't be ......yet.