Moving out? Want to explore other places but need to earn at the same time? Jobs with accommodation could just be what you are looking for. Also known as tied or stay in jobs, these opportunities are some of the best options if you want to check a new area before deciding to stay for there for a long time. Jobs with accommodation are perfect for those who would want to explore other places while making the ends meet.

The First Step: Knowing If It's Right For You

At first glance, most people look at jobs that offer accommodation as the perfect opportunity to earn money and experience the convenience of modern life without the bills. But is it really right for you? You might say, yes, of course. Getting a job plus getting an accommodating for free and even at cheap price is not something that would come by every day. Some things that you could look forward to in getting jobs with accommodation include:

- Meeting other people
- Going to a new place with a purpose
- Make friends
- Go on board with other workers
- Furnished apartment

While it would just be a waste if you just let this opportunity fly, these are some questions that you need to answer:

- Can this option be good for me? But how will you know if it is? It's like getting a free license to move to a new area, get a new job, meet a lot of people, and simply have a home for free - all without the commitment of staying for a long time.

- Can I handle quick change? You may loss the accommodation consequently of losing your job. And, since tenure is not something that jobs with accommodation come with, expect things to go by fast. Remember, the accommodation that is being offered to you is a temporary housing option. Expect nothing more

- Can I buy things that I need with my wage? Do not expect high wage when you opt for this option. Most employers would often quote you with a wage far from what you imagine. You could have your employer deduct a portion of their utility bill from your pay, and this the usual practice in the industry, not something that they do in violation of your rights.

Jobs with Accommodation

While it all depends on your skill and education background, here's a list of jobs that offer accommodation:

Catering and hotel companies

These basically include restaurants, hotels, and pubs. Some posts that may interest you include:

- Waiting staff
- Chef
- Bar staff

While a hotel room could sound good for accommodation, pubs and restaurant staff are provided with furnished apartment that you need to share with the rest of crew. Even an apartment sounds good in some cases as some restaurant managements only spare their staff an area within the restaurant that is usually overcrowded.

Domestic Healthcare staff

Whether you specialize in child or elder care, domestic healthcare staff is one of the rare opportunities that offer high wage and great accommodation. This industry basically includes:

- Physical therapist
- Nurse
- Nanny

Where to look for these opportunities: classified ads websites are the most convenient way to find jobs with accommodation. But if you have already moved in the area, you may want to check their local newspapers for updated job listings.