One of my favorite movie characters of all time is a dog with the name Jock. Jock – a bull-terrier born near the Pretorius Kop Camp. He was the smallest off all in the litter. When a man with bad attentions wanted to drown Jock in a bucket filled with water young Fitzpatrick saved him from certain death and adopted him as a pup.

Fitzpatrick was a kind and honest man and had a good set in values in life. He worked as a transport rider, transporting supplies from Delagoa Bay to Baberton and pilgrim's Rest.

Jock grew up to be faithful to his owner and obedient companion. Jock was also a champion fighter and a very good hunter. Jock accompanied his master on his journeys, hunting Kudu's, killing Baboons, took his chances with crocodiles and lions.

Fitzpatrick who himself was an out-of-place 20 year old city boy now trying to live in the wild country of Africa had a lot to learn about hunting, Tsetse flies, hard labor etc. He was a man of his word and kept his promises. It was not easy those days. They didn't have the luxury of DHL Express services. They had an ox-wagon; it took them days of moving supplies from on place to the next.

In one of the town's, a man had a baboon on a leash witch was used in dog fights. They took bets if there was a dog in town that they thought would give the baboon a run for its money. The baboon was full grown and very aggressive and never lost a fight as well. The owner of the baboon always wanted Fitzpatrick to take part with Jock but Fitzpatrick despised everything the owner of the baboon stood for because he made money by killing dogs with his baboon. Then one day while Fitzpatrick was in town, some men grabbed Fitzpatrick and locked him up in a shack while the baboon was fighting Jock, prying for his dogs life. Then the men forced Jock to fight. Now remember, this baboon never lost before in his life! But that day he met his match. Jock killed the baboon!

Fitzpatrick was not a good hunter, he respected Africa and he only killed to eat. He aimed at a Kudu a few yards from him, the shot hit the Kudu somewhere on his body (not a fatal blow) and the Kudu managed to run away, with Jock running after it. It was late afternoon, Fitzpatrick searched Jock until it was dark, and Jock was gone! Fitzpatrick had to go back to camp in search of protection from lions and other dangerous animals that came out in night.

Meanwhile, Jock tracked the Kudu down witch was lying on the ground gasping for air. The lions smelled the Kudus blood and come closer to feast while Jock was guarding the Kudu. Lions, Hyenas and Jackals were swarming the area where Jock was in. Taking shelter underneath an old fallen tree he waited until the feast was over and for the sun to come up again.

The next day Fitzpatrick found his dog guarding the carcass of the Kudu.

This is just two of the many adventurers of this brave Jock.

Fitzpatrick found a job in Johannesburg at a mining group. He gave Jock to a friend of his, who eventually gave the dog to a trader, Tom Barnett who had a store in Mozambique. There Jock was killed one night when he rushed out to attack a stray dog who was raiding a fowl run. Jock killed the thief but was then shot when his master mistook him in the darkness for the other dog.