Attract Money Now by Dr. Joe Vitale(from the Secret) is an excellent book and it's absolutely free. It's a simple step-by-step formula to bring in more money to your life. Dr. Joe Vitale has also written other great books like Zero Limits and The Attractor Factor and he was one of the stars features in The Secret. The seven steps discussed in the book that I will overview here are: the importance of changing the way you think, the power of giving, "prosperous spending", asking for assistance and guidance, visualizing more money into your life, having the mindset of an entrepreneur, and having a big impact on the world around you.


In this article, I'll discuss the main takeaways from the books 7 steps and if you're interested in getting yourself a free copy of this book, I tell you where to find it at the bottom of the page. I also tell you where to find an excellent free teleseminar from Bob Proctor(from the Secret) about more tools that enhance the law of attraction. So these this free book and free teleseminar complement each other perfectly and I highly recommend you get them both.


Most of us walk around with very negative limiting beliefs. Dr. Joe Vitale likens these limiting beliefs to "thieves in the night" who keep money away from us. The 3 main limiting beliefs we carry with us when it comes to money are: I don't love myself, I don't deserve more money, and Money Is The Root Of All Evil. These 3 limiting beliefs whether conscious or unconscious have serious consequences. Before you can even think of earning a single penny, you'll need to work on these beliefs you have.


Wealth has to become something you achieve in the mind before you can ever achieve it in the real world. You need to think like a rich person, and act like a rich person before you'll become a rich person. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you'll never reach your financial goals. This part is crucial.


Let's get back to the first point I made, it's essential that you learn to really consciously and unconsciously love yourself. If you don't, you'll feel like you don't deserve more money in your life and you won't get any more money.


If you want to get over these limiting beliefs, you're going to have to confront them and analyze their validity. Most of the time, these are completely false beliefs that need to be eliminated.


You can overcome rather quickly and easily everything that is keeping money away from you.


When you do receive money, let it flow and do not hoard it. If you begin to hoard it, you'll stop the flow of money into your life.


Wealthy people are in control of their revenue streams and let them flow instead of blocking them.


Sometimes, we believe that we have too little money to generate substantial amounts of money but even a little trickle of water turns into a massive stream when used correctly.

"Givers get" says Bob Proctor in the 11 Forgotten Laws. If you're interested in a free teleseminar about the 11 forgotten laws by Bob Proctor, click on the link in my signature.


When you give money to a cause you believe in or to a great charity, you attract more money into your life.


Here's a bonus tip that I've found elsewhere: Give thanks and gratitude for all the money you already do have. "What we focus on expands"-Unknown Author and "What we give attention to grows"-Unknown author. So by giving thanks to the money we have, we'll attract more of it into our lives.


You have to give before you can get more. That means giving about 10% of your income to charity every paycheck. This is called tithing. And it works like a charm!


A lot of people give too little money to charity or to people who inspire them. The truth is the bigger your gift, the bigger the amounts of money you get back in return.


Give for the sheer joy of giving. Don't think that money is too scarce. Instead, focus in on abundance and you will attract more of it into your life.


Like you've probably learned in The Secret, you need to be focused on what you DO want and not on what you DON'T want. Whatever your attention is focused on is what you'll attract. Remember to not drive yourself crazy either by trying to control every single thought you have. What really matters here as Ester Hicks says is that you focus on doing things that make you feel good. You have to follow your inner compass - your emotional guidance system and do the things that make you feel good.


You are the 5 people you spend the most time with. If the people you surround yourself with have a negative attitude about money, you will also end up with a negative attitude about money. So you have to choose your environment wisely. Jack Canfield(from The Secret) suggests you put yourself in places around other wealthy people and in that way "you'll begin to think like them".


You need to allow yourself to indulge occasionally in things you'd like to buy. Remember, this doesn't mean creating debt for yourself or anything like that. But if you just had an amazing week where you made more income than ever before, allow yourself to splurge! You deserve it!


As you splurge on things you love, or indulge in purchasing things you really care about, you'll be feeling really great feelings - positive feelings and this will attract more of these situations into your life!


You have to be able to ask for help if you want success in the money department. The first step to take when it comes to asking for help is to ask God or whatever you believe in for assistance and guidance.


The second step is to ask others for assistance - people you believe can help you get closer to your financial goals. It takes guts to ask the right people for help, but you can do it!

When you ask for help, you are giving the Universe the opportunity to send good things your way.


Start a mastermind group where you join up with 5 other people and help each other to build real wealth. This is like a support group where people help each other reach their financial goals.


You MUST visualize your financial goals and already have all the money you desire in the here and now if you wish to attract them into your life. Spend some time every morning and every night visualizing the kind of rich lifestyle you would be living, like Jack Canfield suggests.


When a source of money comes into your life, you MUST take action on that potential to turn it into real cold hard cash.


Visualization is something you can apply to every area of your life once you realize that it really works for you.


You have to think like a business-person. This is crucial to your success in wealth.


Create multiple streams of income! This is how you will become a millionaire!


When choosing a source of income, look at something with scalability... which means something that has the potential to grow into something bigger and better over time.


Follow your passions. Think of your hobbies and interests first and foremost as a way to create a stream of income. 99% of people have a couple of things that are near and dear to their heart. These are the things that should be transformed into streams of income first.


Another bonus tip is to look into all the opportunities there are to make additional money on the internet!


You have to become responsible for the well-being of not only yourself but also for the people around you... like the people in your community and in the world at large.


If you send out good intentions to others through prayers or visualizations or actions, you will attract this back into your life.


Never give up!


Act on your inspired ideas!


With time, your interests will shift and transform... don't be afraid to pursue new passions as sources of income!


I hope you enjoyed this article. Remember that if you are interested in reading more about Attract Money Now... all you have to do is go to Dr. Joe Vitale's blog. You can find a link to it at (that's his website). Finally, I'd like to mention again the 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor that really complements Attract Money Now and The Law Of Attraction in general. You can find a link to a free teleseminar about the 11 forgotten laws in my signature under my name and next to my picture.


Thank you for reading!