Dine at Joe's Inn

Since 1952, thousands and thousands of Richmonders have called Joe’s Inn their favorite casual restaurant. Why? The food rocks, that’s why!

 According to Richmond Magazine’sBest and Worst’, Joe’s Inn took the first spot for ‘Best Neighborhood Restaurant’ and the number two slot for ‘Best Fan Restaurant.’ Hear ye! The citizens of Richmond have spoken.

Tell me More About Joe's Inn

The restaurant is located at ‘205 North Shields Street,’ in Richmond’s historic ‘Fan’ neighborhood. Historically preserved, the Fan is home to a multitude of trendy shops, grand row houses, dating from the late 1800 hundreds and early 1900 hundreds, and a wide assortment of restaurants to suit any and all tastes. The Fan is also home to Strawberry Street Café, another of my favorite Richmond restaurants.

The phone number for Joe’s Inn is ‘804-355-2282,’ and their web address is (http://joesinn.com/).

This beloved neighborhood eatery has been such a success that they’ve opened a branch restaurant, this one in Bon Air, Virginia, which is in the Southern suburbs of the city, across the James River. The Joe’s Inn Bon Air address is ‘2616 Buford Road,’ and their phone number is ‘804-320-9700.’ The website is the same for both dining locations.

My Joe's Inn Favorites

Look in most Richmond food and restaurant directories, either paper varieties or online, and this family friendly eatery is typically listed as an ‘Italian’ restaurant, or a restaurant which serves ‘Italian’ fare. And for good reason, because out of all of their wonderful dishes, their claim to fame is their “Spaghetti A La Joe.”

What is “Spaghetti A La Joe,” you ask? It’s about the best spaghetti, aside from my mama’s, that I’ve ever eaten! Take spaghetti, take the “Meat” or “Marinara” sauce, sprinkle with a generous portion of provolone cheese, and bake this spaghetti. The result is an Italian dream for your taste buds!

And to literally add a little crunchy to your exquisite spaghetti meal, pair this Italian feast with a house special “Large Greek Salad.” Both the spaghetti and the salad are so huge, you can easily share with others, as I do when I eat here with my mom or friends, leaving everyone feeling sated. But if your group has come with a particularly hearty appetite, and you crave more eats than just spaghetti and salad, then try the following ‘to-die-for’ yummy appetizers: “Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce,” “Basket of Onion Rings,” and/or “Garlic Bread.”

Another favorite entrée of mine is the “BBQ Sandwich (pulled pork) with Coleslaw and Fries.” While the serving is more than ample on this dish, you’ll want this one all to yourself!

For all you out there desiring vegetarian cuisine, they have numerous vegetarian choices on their menu. And if you’re the kind of person who craves breakfast 24/7, then you’re in the right eatery, too, as they offer a “Breakfast Anytime” menu. And if you’re looking for a causal spot for Sunday brunch, then their brunch is a ‘not to be missed’ dining experience.

There's Value in Every Forkful at Joe's Inn

Whether it’s breakfast, vegetarian eats, brunch, pizza, sides, desserts – whatever you order, you’ll receive ample quantity, which will leave both your stomach and your wallet full. Delicious food, served at delicious prices, is why this eatery can’t be beat! And hungry students from the local University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University campuses know this, too, so beware of crowds during big college event weekends like football games, homecomings, and graduations.

Has your guy just now informed you he’s invited his ‘best buds’ over to watch the big game? Well, no worries! Get Joe’s Inn “To Go,” and order whatever you like, how much of whatever you like, and pick it up at Shields Market, located next door to the restaurant. According to their website, they offer the following items for catering: “fruit platters, sandwich platters, vegetable platters, cheese platters, salads, and pans of lasagna, spaghetti, etc.” Yum! Joe’s Inn doesn’t get any yummier than this.