Joey cosmetics is a line of products that is actually based on skin care. But aside from skin care products, they also offer cosmetics, makeup brushes, and other specialty items.

They claim that they accommodate any types of skin and they offer a lot of products are quite promising in terms of providing solutions skin problems like acne, dryness and oiliness, lines and wrinkles, etc.

They try to make skincare more convenient with their all-in-one products like their Joey New York Quick CTSM2 (Cleanser Toner Scrub Masque), and the Joey New York Quick Moisturizer which is an anti-aging moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated while smoothening wrinkles and fine lines, and providing sunscreen.

This is actually an entirely different take on fighting the signs of aging because other lines usually have these anti-aging formula in a cream, serum, or lotion.

The only problem with Joey's approach to anti-aging is that the product is supposed to be washed away. In that way, how do you think can it improve your wrinkles and fine lines significantly?

Their cleanser contains macadamia oil that does a great job in hydrating the skin but in terms of collagen boosters, the product does not contain suck that is active.

Even if it did, washing the product away will not allow absorption; in that sense, a cream or a lotion will still be more preferable. From this type of line, nourishing cosmetics may be the type of color cosmetics to expect.

They actually promise that their products do not just hide problems; they actually work on them. They have a pore-minimizing foundation called Pure Pores Minimizer Foundation; collagen-enhanced lip products like plus a volumizing mascara in a work out kit (Joey New York Go gorgeous Lip and Lash Pump).

Joey cosmetics also provide lip products that are scented to give certain benefits like inhibiting the appetite (lipFIT) for those who wish to lose some weight, and resisting the smoking impulse (lipNIX).

However, Joey cosmetics do not give a detailed description of the science behind their products. This way, a lot of potential buyers may doubt if their products will work as they promise.