From the traditional Travel System Strollerumbrella to sit 'n stand stroller, a lot of research will help young moms and dads get the best one for their children.

Strollers for babies are perhaps some of the most well-known of all the children's items. What's more, deciding which one to get or add to the wedding registry is usually very exciting. The wide variety of choices is endless and young moms and dads don't always know what their requirements may be. These are some of the basic stroller types with their pros and cons of each.

Travel System Stroller

Travel system stroller is a combination of 3 basic needs for the newborn. This system combines a car seat with an infant carrier and a stroller. They usually cost less when compared to getting a car seat and stroller separately. What's more, these enable prevent the hassle of waking an infant up to move the little rascal from the stroller to the car seat. Choosing a travel system basically limits the options in choosing a stroller simply because a lot of strollers aren't available in a system.

Jogging Stroller
Jogging Stroller (20539)
Usually, jogging strollers feature 2 very big wheels in the back and only one wheel in the front. These wheels are much bigger when compared to ones found on the standard stroller. This feature enables them to handle a rough terrain. Made for mommies and daddies who like to jog with the little ones, they're not suitable for infants due to the jarring motion. They provide for a safe and smooth ride for the kids while running, however aren't good for everyday use. Bulky design usually makes them much heavier and also hard to maneuver.

Double Stroller
Double Stroller
Generally used for baby twins, double strollers are, as expected, big and hard to handle. These come in a front-to-back or side-by-side configuration. Naturally, both of these layouts have their cons and pros. Side-by-side strollers are good because the kids can see each other. Furthermore, these strollers can fit much more easily inside the car trunk. When it comes to cons, it goes without saying that they're almost impossible to steer in shopping malls as well as on busy sidewalks. On the other hand, individual family' lifestyle has to be taken into consideration. Front-to-back strollers are usually too long for a lot of car trunks and can be hard for a single parent to take in and out of the vehicle. These do better in narrow passages, however are generally more Lightweight Strollerdifficult to handle.

Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight strollers are manufactured from light-weight aluminum and can have a more compact structure. They are perfect for on-the-go mommies and daddies since these are much easier to carry/fold/unfold using only one hand. These units usually feature small and not easy to access storage pockets and aren't as rugged when compared to standard strollers. Therefore, they are not perfect for active moms and dads who do a lot of walking.
Sit n Stand Stroller
Sit 'n Stand Stroller

These trademarked strollers are ideal for families with an infant and a preschooler or toddler. The front portion is a regular stroller seat which can also hold most infant car seats in rear-facing position. The back is a platform with a small jump seat. The older child can stand on the platform or rest on the jump seat when they are too tired to walk. The Sit 'n Stand is also available with a removable back stroller-type seat, for toddlers who are still in need of a 3 or 5-point harness.
Pram Stroller
Pram Stroller

Pram stroller is basically a baby bassinet on wheels. Appropriate for infants, these enable the little one to be fully reclined. Furthermore, some prams easily convert into strollers as well as high chairs. Even though they're the classical stroller type, their popularity is not fading.

Umbrella Stroller

Last but not least, umbrella stroller. These are available for under $50. They're a lightweight and Umbrella Stroller (20540)great for preschoolers as well as toddlers. Even though there're much more luxurious, full size alternatives, these are not known for their durability. Kids who graduate to these are usually old enough to walk on their own. Therefore, these units will likely get less use when compared to their heavier predecessors. Perfect for short trips to the local shopping mall or park where there's plenty of walking on even terrain, these fold-up ultra small and usually end up carrying shopping bags instead of kids.

Before getting one, mommies and daddies have to look carefully at their (limited) finance, lifestyle as well as storage capability. Furthermore, a test drive is a great way to find out if the stroller a parent is thinking of buying is the right one. Taking measurements is a good idea too. Finally, s bit of research will definitely prevent moms and dads from suffering from stroller envy later.