Johannesburg or Egoli, no matter how it is said, the South African economic hub is a city that is unlike any other. From the tree lined streets of the quiet, upmarket suburbs to the busy and bustling streets of Soweto and the world class designer boutique stores of Sandton. Johannesburg has something for everyone, and those who plan to visit South Africa for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, will discover that Johannesburg is a melting pot of cultures and diverse people.

Things to do

A definite must for all visitors is a stop at the Apartheid museum which is located in the south of Johannesburg. The museum will allow those to experience Apartheid in its reality, and on entering the museum, visitors are race-classified, exactly as citizens were before the 1994 General Elections. Those looking to explore the lighter side of Johannesburg, can enjoy the thrill of Gold Reef City, which is within walking distance of the museum, and here thrill seekers will be given the chance to ride the Tower of Terror as it nose dives straight into a disused mine shaft, or the Miners Revenge. The theme part is set on an old mining site and remnants of the old mining village and mine shaft have been cleverly included to set the theme for the park - a must for young and old alike.

When it comes to dining and food - the South African cuisine is as diverse as the people themselves and diners can look forward to indulging in Sushi or enjoying boerewors, a spicy traditional sausage which is a must on all South African braais, or barbeques.

Johannesburg has its fair share of shopping malls, however to find the best local curios as well as curios which have been sourced from SA's neighbours, visitors must visit the many local flea markets. The markets are a great place for bargaining and great deals on ethnic African masks, statues and curios can be found.

Johannesburg is a bustling and thriving metropolis and the culture of each Johannesburger can be seen on each busy street corner, or in the rowdy shabeens or taverns. The colonial influence is seen in the proud buildings which make the Johannesburg skyline spectacular.

Visitors who are seeking the 'out of Africa' experience can arrange trips to the Lion Park, or they may opt to enjoy the beauty of the Magaliesburg mountains. Johannesburg is a city which is home to millions and certainly lives up to is name, Egoli - City of Gold!