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John Cena - Famous WWE Superstar

WWE John Cena

When John Cena’s theme song is played, thousands of people used to rise up and gave him some cheers and thumbs up signs. Today, those cheers are becoming negative, and the negative cheers against Cena start to grow louder each time John Cena shows up in the ring.

What did Cena do to deserve such treatment? Many fans are just plain tired of him keep on winning the matches. Most of his matches are just predictable. Despite being beaten in the opening rounds and most of the time during the match, he still ends up victorious.

However, there are also fans that grow weary of him no longer able to live up to their expectations on being a hero. He just kept on failing to deliver the expected win. He is always beaten. He is, by far, the most beaten person by the then Nexus. If there is a wrestler that wants to show off his power and wrestling prowess by beating someone, John Cena is the one to beat. And he is always beaten hard. This annoys many of his fans.

When Kane showed up again, after being away for awhile due to the so-called injuries made by the world’s strongest man- Mark Henry, he came back hard with vengeance, not on Mark Henry who temporarily put him away from the ring but on John Cena. It’s just sort of funny story-line.

Nevertheless, John Cena is still the man to beat in the world of wrestling entertainment today. He has arguably never tapped out in a match. Well, he should not; otherwise his famous slogan ‘never give up’ will be put to shame.

John Cena

John Cena: U Can't See Me

John Cena Versus The Rock on Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 28 Main Event

John Cena is scheduled to fight against the more popular yet equally powerful The Rock on the upcoming Wrestlemania 28 on April of 2012. While the odds are against John Cena, he still got what it takes to beat the Rock and shut him up. Who do you will win in the main event, John Cena versus The Rock? Obviously, those who are against Cena will go for the Rock; while John Cena's fans will stand by him regardless of who his opponents are.

In any case, whether you love or hate John Cena, he sure is able to stir the crowd; either cheering against him, or cheering for him. That is why the WWE loves John Cena because he brings in good business for the company.

What about you? Are you with John Cena, or against him?