If you have a very large garden or you are a landscape gardener John Deere riding lawn mowers are going to make your job of cutting grass a whole lot easier. John Deere have been manufacturing outdoor equipment for many years now and are well known and respected in their field. When you buy a John Deere product you know that you are getting an high quality and well built piece of machinery. This company manufacture quite a few different models of riding lawn mowers, so let's take a quick look at just two models that are out there in the marketplace today.

The first model that we are going to look at is the John Deere 42" 19.5 HP riding lawn tractor. This tractor can do a variety of different jobs quickly and easily using the unique Cargo mount system. All you need to do is simply hook it up and remove and insert the accessories and attachments that you want to use, such as the sun canopy or bagger. No tools are needed to to remove or install these attachments . It also has an excellent edge cutting system which is going to give you a level cut which is perfect. It has a deep mower deck which has a smooth underside which will lift the grass and leave you with a finish that is going to make you proud. This mower deck can quickly and easily be converted from side discharge to mulching or to bagging without using any tools whatsoever or changing mower blades.

This product is well built and durable due to its 12 gauge steel deck which has a outer lip which has been rolled for even more strength. It has a 5 speed transmission gearbox and a steel frame which has been full length welded for added strength. The cutting width of the mower is 42 inches and it has a 19.5 horsepower engine. You can also buy this model with a 48 inch cutting width with a 22 and 24 horsepower engine, but these models are going to cost you a bit more money.

The second model of John Deere riding lawn mower that we are going to look is the John Deere ZTrak Pro 900 series. This excellent riding mower comes in a variety of different sizes, so let's take a closer look at the Z901A model. This machine has a two cylinder 22 horsepower engine which is manufactured by Kawasaki. Which gives you a forward traveling speed of up to 10.5 miles per hour and a reverse speed up to 5 miles per hour. The dimensions of this mower is 84 inches long by 62 inches wide by 73 inches high and it weighs 1320 pounds. The mower decks for this piece of machinery range from 48 inches to 54 inches with the deck being made from 7 gauge one piece stamped steel. The blades on this fantastic John Deere riding lawn mower have a tip speed of 18,000 f/m to give you a sharp and precision cut.