For those cold winter days when work looms ahead, and when the job cannot be put off any longer, John Deere snow blowers are the answer. These snow blowers are all heart and soul when it comes to clearing snowdrifts off of driveways and walks.

These dual-stage push snow blowers tackle the biggest jobs with little effort given, and give back big rewards on return of the investment.

The extensive line of John Deere dual-stage snow blowers consists of quality snow blowers with Briggs & Stratton engines, which have an over-head valve (OHV) for reduction of vibration, as the snow blower is in use.

These machines are just right for the bored teenager in the family to earn spring break money, by clearing off driveways down the neighborhood lanes. Add one of John Deere’s durable plastic cabins, with clear viewing windows on every side for blocking wind surges, and all excuses for not being able to use one of these snow blowers melt away instantly.

A low-tone muffler and frictions disc drive with adjustable speeds, make the work safe and efficient. These John Deere snow blowers are designed for user-friendly handling in all kinds of snowy conditions.

The adjustable chute is easily controlled and turns up to 190 degrees in rotation. The electric starters that are built-ins for some models are an additional bonus. Neighbor envy will creep across the hedges as these beauties roll down a driveway, carving great swaths of clean driveways out of the snow.

Relatively low snow conditions and gradual grade terrains are taken care of rather quickly, with the John Deere dual-stage snow blower and with its self-propelled maneuverability.

The dual-stage John Deer snow blowers use augers to suck the snow up off the ground and blow them away with the impeller out the durable heavy duty chute. They work hard, as they are designed to do, but can sometimes be hard to handle in their weight.

They are sturdy for working their horsepower energy for use on steeper grading systems. Dual-stage blowers are John Deere workhorses and they never have to trackback to finish a job.

Pull cords work good even under the coldest conditions, but can wear out over time and need to be replaced.

The electric push button models are nice to have on these machines. Even with the heavy-duty heat-treated, skid resistant tracks and tires, friction can be loss from the weight of the snow being pushed.

The optional tire chains can be added, which makes good use every extra bit of auger and impeller torque power available. Adjustable handle heights on the snow blower make snow blowing a more comfortable job.

The extra padding on the handles also give a nice touch for better grip and handling, even with heavy snow gloves on. The John Deere snow blowers were meant to work as long as the day is, with a built-in halogen light for working in low light winter days.

These workhorses are designed to work with ease, in which to complete multiple jobs, with no stalling or locking up gears in the cold weather. As a matter of fact, they will still be warm and toasty from recent use, while the handler is warming their feet and hands by the fire.