The Johnny G. spinning bikes are named after its inventor Jonathan Goldberg who developed the indoor spinning program in the late 1980s. He created the original bike to facilitate his winter training routine and later went on to form a company with his partner, which developed, built and marketed the spinning bikes.

Johnny G. spinning bikes were created to bring the feel of a road bike to a stationary bike. They were for cyclists who wanted to exercise without doing road work. The term ‘Spinner’ is a trademark which has come to represent the exercise activities encompassing the bikes.

The Johnny G. spinning bikes are the standard against which other spinning bikes are built. The Johnny G. Pro bike is said to be the most popular indoor spinning bike despite the competition from other brands. It has a pedal resistance control knob, multi-position handlebars and the seat can be adjusted for a custom fit.

The flywheel is cast iron and the frame is of heavy-gauge steel construction. Its dimensions are 38” H x 42” L x 22” W and it weighs 90 lbs. The e-Spinner is the top of the line spinning bike that utilizes technology to enhance a work out.

The bike has a touch screen computer/TV which has downloaded spinning classes used to facilitate work outs and training. The bike maximizes comfort with an inbuilt fan and an adjustable and flexible seat. The dashboard provides information on the cyclist’s heart rate, cadence and other relevant data. It weighs approximately 140 pounds.

The Spinner NXT spinning bike has great flexibility as it relates to the seating and pedals. The seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically so as to provide the best fit for the rider. It also provides for the use of regular sneakers or riding shoes with cleats. The dual water bottle holder ensures the provision of adequate rehydration. The bike retails for $1,395.

The Spinner FIT is created for the home market and has a resistance knob which can be used to vary training routines to simulate intervals, hills and jumps. It also has an easier pedal stroke due to its weighted flywheel. The handlebars are no-slip, a real convenience during sweaty work outs. The bike retails for the modest price of $599.

Johnny G Spinner Elite bikes measures 51 1/2” L x 20“ W x 40” H. It weighs 123 pounds and is a very close approximation to the feel of riding a road bike indoors. It fits into a small space and retails for approximately $1000.

Whilst there are some complaints about the pedals and seat, people really like the workout they get on this bike. Johnny G. spinning bikes have set the standards for indoor bikes.

The bikes are recognized as a serious part of any fitness program for individuals who may be constrained by time or weather and wish to use an indoor facility to maintain or gain their fitness level. Owning one of these bikes will be a distinct advantage in meeting one’s fitness goal.